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Golf Humour Bobby Rush Style…

It’s Not Golf Shoes But I Promised To Return To You After A Comprehensive Read (and chuckle)..

golf shoes blog review of when to regrip your retrieverA fortnight ago, Golf Shoes Blog had just received the two books from Bobby Rusher – “How to line up your fourth putt” and “When to regrip your ball retriever” and after my initial chuckles, I said that I would return with some more comment…

Well I’ve now read both cover to cover and they are worth it, when you have the time.  Though I have to say that the chapter headings remain amongst the funniest bits.  Maybe this time round my favourite was “What to do when your ball retriever is too short to get your putter out of the tree”.  Note; putter!

I did also like the gist of the foreword (pun intended of course) (no pun intended), to wit, that the “ball goes where you hit it”.  I’m not sure if that’s funny, true, sad or just stating the obvious.  I guess that it depends on when you say it…  I’m going to Viagra Online try it on the course next time.

I was also sent some comments and reviews by the great and good.  The trouble is that none are spoofs.  You can see the reviews on their website: Click on the book image to check them.

If you’re reading this Bobby, my review would go like this:

Golf Shoes Blog said: First of all Mr Rusher, I abhor the tennet of your thinking that golf is a game to be won – at all, let alone at any cost!  Fancy instructing others in even the possibility that gentlemen on the course would ever consider some of the tactics that you suggest.  Secondly, I cannot stand the thought that you think golf is a game to be laughed at – or golfers themselves.  It’s like mocking the afflicted.  Or taking the mickey out  of an institutionalised addict. Thirdly, how can you possibly write a whole book on the game and not even mention golf shoes.  This in itself damns your book and all it’s so-called humor”

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  1. Pearl says:

    Funny! The lighter side of serious golf.

  2. Mel@Rockport Shoes Women says:

    Just posting this here as it’s the latest ‘topic’. I like the way you’ve styled your reviews, including point 7 for your ‘personal feel’ and thoughts is a great idea, we’ve all had products we like more than other brands or types for whatever reason! Thanks, going to peruse much more of your blog Tate!

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