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Would You Know Where Can I Get These Puma J. Lindeberg Future Sport Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Also Had This Query… Someone read an article on Golf Shoes blog a year ago and asked where they could be bought. Well I think that they may be out of date now!  I’ve had another search and it seems that this news is from 2005… I think that you’d have to […]

“Ryan Moore’s Golf Shoes – Where Can I get Them?”

And “Where can I buy the C Hopper golf shoes?” Golf Shoes Blog recieves many comments and sometimes they are genuine! I have had two – as the headings above – that have to be from a Puma PR co, surely.  If they can find Golf Shoes Blog, then they can search the “interweb” for the Puma […]

Puma Tipper Golf Shoes- Look Like Swing Crowns…

“Neo-Classic” Golf Shoe ”Crossover” These neat looking golf shoes are slighly lower in price than the Swing Crown golf shoes from Puma at $170/£135 direct fromPuma  (or £119 from others eg Scottsdale).  Add $20ormore forthe older Swing Crowns. I’ve read that “This neo-classic addition to the Smart Quill family is a crossover between the traditional styling of […]

Puma Swing Golf Shoes Query

How Can You Tell If These Golf Shoes Are Right or Left Handed (Footed?)? Golf Shoes Blog has  just  had a query from a reader asking how you tell if the Puma Swing GTX golf shoes are for left handed players or right hnded players “I just bought a pair of Puma Swing GTX golf […]

Puma Golf Shoes Are Busy, Busy, Busy…

Now Nordqvist Wins In Her Puma Golf Shoes Boy are Puma busy with promoting their golf shoes at the moment. At every turn there’s a new Puma golf shoes piece from a new direction.  The latest (although a few days old now) includesa winner in their golf shoes, as follows from a PR newswire.  (I […]

Puma Swing Crown With Smart Quills

Golf Shoes With “Smart Quills”…again I have mentioned these golf shoes before - and I’m going to again!  This is partly because this is such a good image (left) and partly because I’m on the trail of some good information about them – and to be honest though the Puma website(s) are pretty “sexy” they are light on information.  […]

Golf Shoes For Righty or Lefty!

Puma Swing GTX Golf Shoes Swing Both Ways! These Puma Golf shoes have little tiny pointy studs which sort of splay out according to the directional need to keep each foot gripping the ground during a swing.  Therefore there’s a need to have a different pattern and a separate golf shoe for left footers.  So […]

Puma Golf Cat Golf Shoes

Puma Golf Shoes; Fashion On or Off  the Course The Puma Golf Cat Golf Shoes have a full rubber spikeless outsole which is what  seems to please most golfers and commentators alike.  Plus (and this may be why women’s shoes and the purchase decisions seem to be so different) can be worn on or off […]

New Puma Golf Shoes Update

Puma C-Hopper Trainer-style Golf Shoe They may look pretty much like trainers but they’re in full grain water-resistant (not proof) leather on the top with canvas details and a gum rubber sole. They come with replaceable Champ Scorpion Stinger Cleats – and a spare street set of caps so you can wear them out and […]

Womens Puma Cat Golf Shoes

Ladies golf shoe in smart B&W or pink – sold out! I saw these and I thought that they looked pretty smart in black and white.  Apparently the kilties are removable for a different look.  bearing in mind I found them following an article about how important fashion is on the golf course these days […]