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Golf Motif Flip Flops

Also at Amazon Amongst the Golf Shoes Whilst at Amazon just checking the range, I saw these “charming” flip flops.  (Incidentally designed by the French sandal maker Philippe Phaloppe!)(That’s a joke by the way!) You can have them for $28 – though you’d be better buying some Callaway Club Saddle Golf Shoes for just $2 […]

Heated Socks for Your Golf Shoes

Blazewear Heated Golf Socks I’ve just added a link to the site for heated socks!  This followed a request by a lady at Blazewear.  You can see more at …* The most amazing thing about these (apart from the price!) are that they are machine washable.  Considering they have a battery pouch at the top […]

Adidas Powerband Golf Shoe

Golf Shoes Made Sexier with Silver… Sometimes I have to admit I get a bit bored looking for things to say about golf shoes!  I don’t want to imply that the shoes are boring but when no-ones coming out or up with something special  you’ve seen most of what’s there to be seen.  So I go looking […]