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Low Profile Golf Shoes – The 2010 Be All & End All?

Reading Through Golf Shoes Blog Myself… I noticed that the new buzz in golf shoes surely must be the low profile.  Get closer to the ground. Adidas 360 Tour 4.0 golf shoes and the ladies’ Signature ranges – all low Nike Air Tour Saddle – low profile FootJoy – the LoPro as shown very recently on […]

LoPro Golf Shoe At LoPrice

Good Looking Golf Shoe At Good Looking Price The FootJoy LoPro Golf Shoe as mentioned on Golf Shoes Blog is on sale at The Discount Golf Store for £49.99 in various sizes in this green and also in red/white. very slick looking golf shoes, though I’ve not worn them. They alsohave other footJoys on sale (inclding […]

FootJoy Sport Golf Shoe

FootJoys For The Younger Market- YoungJoys? As readers may have noticed, I’ve got a bit behind at Golf Shoes Blog recently.  I saved this picture of the range of Footjoy Sports golf shoes and made no notes… Meantime, they look what we used to call “snazzy”.  Obviously styled for the younger more “sporty” golfer, though […]

Poulter Wins Singapore Open In Pink Golf Shoes

I Saw A Couple Of Pictures But Couldn’t Identify The Golf Shoes As a PS to the earlier query about who’s golf shoes Ian Poulter was wearing in Singapore – blow us all down (especially as we had a mini tornado here this week)… he goes and wins it and well bloody done to him! […]

FootJoy Lopro & Athletic Golf Shoes – Ladies & Mens

Golf Shoes Blog Catches Up With Lopro/Athletic Golf Shoes – Supposed To Be The 8th Best Seller Following the news about the AQL  being the best selling golf shoe in the UK, the same source gave out the other shoes in the top ten in Europe.  Amongst the list was the FootJoy Lopro which has climbed […]

FootJoy AQL Golf Shoes

Did You know What FootJoy’s Best Selling Golf Shoes In Europe Are? Apparently they are the FootJoy AQL golf shoe and to my shame Golf Shoes Blog has only mentioned in passing once!  Information from the European Tour PGA website (released by FootJoy mind) says that FootJoy is indeed the world’s No. 1 golf shoe.  […]

FootJoy’s New Icon Golf Shoes In Multicolour

FootJoy MyJoy Golf Shoes In Any Colour You Want Yesterday we saw the new wonderful ICON range from FootJoy and I marvelled at the number of different attractive golf shoes.  But as FootJoy says “If you can’t find the exact style to suit your unique personality, use your imagination to visualize more than 2.5 million […]

FootJoy Launch Special New Golf Shoe Range

And These ICON Golf Shoes Are Really Good Looking STOP PRESS:  FJ ICON: FootJoy have launched what looks to me as their best looking  golf shoes yet.  FootJoy is known for it’s overall quality some innovation but most recently all their new golf shoes have been a bit Star Trek with flashy soles and modest (albeit […]

FootJoy SYNR-G; What’s So Special About This Golf Shoe?

The FootJoy SYNR-G Golf Shoes Have Had A Fair Amout of Cover… … but we’ve not really,  at Golf Shoes Blog, looked at some of the finer detail.  We’ve reported quite a few postings on these golf shoes (for example like no golf shoes post which includes an informative video) (and talked about who wears […]

FootJoy DryJoys Didn’t Used To Look Like This!

Did I Miss The DryJoy Golf Shoe Shuffle?! All of a sudden I feel like my heads been up my **** because I thought DryJoy golf shoes looked like “Classics”.  Or maybe they are but with the names crossed over.  (You can also get MyJoy (custom logo’d) DryJoys and they always look  like “regular” shoes. […]