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Crocs Bought Bite Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Didn’t Know That!  Shame… It was back in July 2007 that I should have read the following in the Denver post which seems to be one of the first to beak the news.  But I knew nothing about golf shoes then and less about the golf shoes (or funny rubber shoes) industry.  […]

More from Bite Golf Shoes

A Golf Shoe with Looks that Bite as Well! I thought it might be worth looking a little closer at BITE golf shoes, partly because I think the designs are fun or ballsy (or both?) and partly because I’m intrigued with the orthopaedic claims from the company.  Why don’t we see more of them if they […]

Bite Biosport Golf Shoes – More at Overstock

Less Common Golf Shoe for Less than Common Price Usually around the £80/90 price tag (in the $100 region) these are available now at (again) for £56.74.  These olf shoes are about the top of the Bite range – which some surveys have put at No.1 for comfort… Designed for comfort, with “orthotic friendliness” […]