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Golf Shoes: Review & Rate

Golf Shoes Personally Reviewed “Reviewed & Rated” By Golf Shoes Blog So Far…

golf-shoes-blog-rank-rate-pictureAs summary to be kept updated.  Although personal GSB R&R is not the priority of Golf Shoes Blog, it’s good to keep track of this hopefully growing R&R.

Check the post which explains the Golf Shoes Blog Review & Rate system.  Listed by top scores at the top:

33 Points:     CALLAWAY XTT Comps: 25.5.09 (Golf Shoes Blog Review)

29 Points:     STUBURT  Hidro Pro1 & 5.5.09 (Golf Shoes Blog Review)

NB AVERAGE 28 Points for a “Quality” golf shoe

Golf Shoes Blog: Golf Shoes Reviews: Summary of the Patented Review & Rate System

Seven Golf Shoes Review Criteria

1: Comfort & Fit   2: Dryness & Breathing   3: Grip & Spikes/Cleats   4: Performance & Contribution to swing   5: Style & Design   6: Price & Value For Money and  7: Personal Feel & Happiness.

In each of the seven criteria your golf shoes get marks out of 7

So the imposssibe maximum is 49!  The lowest is 1 point in every category so you could get 7 points if everything about them was the worst imagnable.  The average, mean mark would be 4 in every category which would be 28.  BUT to get four points your golf shoe has to be average~as you’d expect for a QUALITY golf shoe.  So 28 is a GOOD mark – nt fntastic but good because it’s based on a decent golf shoe’s average.  (Does this make sense?)

Golf Shoe Review Scoring as follows

1: Complete Rubbish   2: Poor   3: Below Average   4: As Expected for a Quality Golf Shoe  5: Better than Average for a Quality Shoe  6: Fantastic and  7: Absolutely Unbelievably Good!

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