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Why Spikes… Review

An email Golf Shoes Blog recieved…

“Just stumbled on an article from 2009 asking why FootJoy produce a spikeless shoe, and why not therefore just go for trainers etc.? Couldn’t resist a reply since the answer is so simple, and I happen to have exactly the same shoes!

They are not designed to wear for playing out on the course. They are for pros who who hang around the driving range / clubhouse / pro-shop all day and maybe go out on the course or practice area with a student and just hit one or two demonstration shots. They are actually sometimes called teaching shoes.

They give a good grip on driving range mats, so can also be worn by the keen practiser Generic Cialis from house to car to range etc. without needing to change shoes at the range. The tend to have the same features as “proper” golf shoes – comfortable and light but strong, waterproof etc., and whatever special features/technology  that brand’s “proper” golf shoes tend to have.

Because they look like “proper” golf shoes in every detail except the sole, they go well with golf attire for the style-conscious pro who does not want to wear the latest golf gear he is flogging along with a pair of trainers (usually banned in clubhouses in the UK, at least).

Just surprised someone running a golf shoe site was not aware of that! (Not meant offensively…)


PS From Golf Shoes Blog: No offence taken.

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  1. Alan Stransman says:

    I happen to be a real shoe lover in addition to a lifelong golf enthusiast. the styling of golf shoes has changed radically since I was introduced to the game by my dad. I can still recall his clunky white golf shoes with the noisy spikes. there are golf shoes now that I would buy for causal wear – who needs golf?

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