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WH Golf Shoes Are Walter Hagen of Course!

Golf Shoes Blog Surprised No-one Came In With That One!

Is it golf shoe skulduggery or what?  Someone (Brad) asked for help in identifying their golf shoes – a present but with no name.  The initials WH were on the shoes.  Well if we were to use our noddles we’d know that these must be Walter Hagen shoes sold exclusively by Dick’s Sportswear, a massive concern.  But hy did no-one reply?  Was it lack of interest?  I for one was being cynical and waiting for brad’s mate who works for Walter Hagen kit to write in with the answer but then I am becoming jaded.  See the post a couple of days ago about the new comments that I’m receiving!

Walter Hagen Lady Hagen Fairway Turf Lock (Khaki)Sometime I feel used.

Anyhow, I just went to the Dick’s site and they don’t sem to have the golf shoes any more though they do have that brand on clubs.  I couldn’t see the crest that Brad had asked about.  But maybe the site wasn’t working properly because it was harder than before to find my around to find any real range of golf shoes.

For the only WH offer I could find was one pair of Lady Hagen golf shoes!  And these were on a comparison site with only Dick’s in the offing of course!  (And no spec)

Maybe Dick’s given up on WH golf shoes!

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  1. Vinodrai Gandhi says:

    I bought WH Shoes size US 8 1/2.
    Some spikes have come off. I would like to now if you could send me 5 – 6 spikes at the following address:
    Thanking you in advance. VG (Address supplied)

    From Tate at Golf ShoesBlog: Dear Vinod, I only write a blog,you need to get in touch with where you bought the golf shoes. At Dicks Sporting Goods. (I have forwarded your mail.)

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