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True Linkswear Golf Shoes – From Mr Ryan Moore…

“I’m wearing TRUE linkswear golf shoes because they’re the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn” says Ryan

true linkswear ryan moore golf shoes 2010

We first mentioned these new golf shoes, the prototype of which Ryan Moore has been testing this year a few days ago – see Linkswear Golf Shoes on Golf Shoes Blog

TheTRUE golf shoes  that they are showing on the True Linkswear website look slightly different to those we showed. 

Nevertheless, there’s a philosophical and subjective dicussion to be had here.  TRUE says that the “believe that traditional golf shoes that try to “nail you to the ground” are severely over engineered with features that actually put you in a position to fail every time you swing a club”. That puts the cat amogst the pigeons - but Buy Cialis I know where they are coming from with the over-engineered bit.  Have you read the bumbf and acronyms and trademark info for some shoes.  SoI guess these are refreshing in that sense.  But…

Will it work when you golf in these golf shoes? That’s the $164 question.  They work for Ryan Moore and he plays golf better than I do in any golf shoe.  They say “We want to change the way millions of golfers enjoy the game by giving them products that work naturally with their bodies and provide true technological benefits. No unnecessary features, added weight, false claims, or empty promises. Just the closest thing to a barefoot golfing experience as possible”.

And we’ve seen barefoot golfers before extolling the virtues…

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