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More Walter Hagen Golf Shoes

Stability, Stop & TP Euro (with 3 yr Guarantee!)

Walter Hagen Tour Stop -White and Black - Dick's Sporting GoodsAll these Walter Hagen golf shoes are from Dicks Sporting Goods

First the Tour “Stop” at $54.97.  What a curious name.

Golf Shoe TECH&SPEC:  Premium* full-grain leather upper provides optimal comfort/Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane system for dry feet/The Gyre Trac fast-twist spikes dig into the ground for excellent stability.  No mention of warranty – waterproof or otherwise.

Walter Hagen Men's Tour Stability (White/Taupe) - Dick's Sporting GoodsThey have been likened in an internet forum or two, to FootJoy Contours (which we have never pictured – but will have to now) but I don’t know if that was just someone from Dicks!

Second tee:  The  Tour “Stability” at $44.99 – the least expensive of the three…

but no TECH&SPEC and again no mention of waterproof guarantee. Even though it’s in a funny old-fashioned colour (that I don’t think is yet back in fashion… quite), I think it’s the best looking.

Third Tee:  The TP Euro at $69.97…

Walter Hagen Men's TP Euro (White/Brown) - Dick's Sporting Goodsa “premium” shoe in the Hagen range but still great value by most other standards and it’s coup de grace (should that be grass!) is the 3-year manufacturer’s waterproof warranty.

Golf Shoe TECH&SPEC: fast twist spikes for convenience/anatomical last and compression-molded EVA insole for comfort.

 It looks like leather but it doesn’t say so – premium full grain or otherwise!  Just a word in the ear of anyone from Dicks who’s listening… make the spec consistent across all products or else you’re always comparing apples with full grain pears with waterproof bananas and fast twist spike kiwi fruit!

*What does that actually mean do you think?

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  1. Boyce says:

    Tom, Dirt will get under the spikes causing them to stick. Take a screwdriver and go around each spike and pry it up a little. Take vice grips and grip the outside of spike and twist it out.

  2. thomas sapanaro says:

    i was also told at dicks i needed a card that was in the shoe box for warranty. ido not remember a card , so they pro rated which came to a $12.00 credit . i kept the leaky shoes.

  3. walter cordeau says:

    i have a pare of tours i cant remove the spikes.

  4. Francis Metivier says:

    I purchased a pair of “Walter Hagen XI” golf shoes at Dick’s approx. 1 1/2 years ago.
    At the time Dick’s advised that they had a lifetime waterproof warranty. They leak.
    I called Dick’s today and they advised me to take them back to the manufacturer. I cannot find a manufacturer to send them back, and Dick’s will not take them. Can you find where they can be sent. Also to anyone out there Dick’s does not stand behing thier guarantee. Do not shop there.!!!!!!

  5. Chris Carney says:

    I received a pair of Walter Hagen golf shoes as a gift they were purchased from Dick’s. I have not worn them very long and I thought they were pretty good. and then! The soles unglued and came off the shoes. I called Dick’s and they also told me to call the manufacturer. Have you ever tried to fiond the manufacturer. Good luck, its a scam.

  6. Curt says:

    I bought a pair of walter hagen shoes with the lifetime leakproof warrenty and the shoes are actually falling apart( coming unglued). The sections that hold the spikes are falling off. I went to Dicks and they would not give me any help at all.
    No direction to where I can go for help. I have never paid this much for golf shoes to have them fall apart. Help

  7. George says:

    I have a problem with my Walter Hagen golf shoes….when I bought them at Dick’s they came with a no question asked “Lifetime Leak Proof Warranty”. While Walter Hagen was an independent company the shoes were replaced whenever they leaked – FREE. Then Dick’s Sporting Goods bought Walter Hagen and now they refuse to replace them….does anyone want to join in a class action suit?

  8. Merle Munque says:

    To get the spokes out, the generic tool with the two prongs will work, but I had to drill the two holes out so the tool would go in further/deeper. Then I was able to get enough torque to twist those suckers out.

    I went to Dicks Sporting Good and bought spikes for my Foot Joys. The box said they would fit Walter Hagens too. Had a few extra spikes left over after refitting the Foot Joys. One went in to the shoe. The other one jammed and split the threads. I’ll get some more spikes and try cleaning the old threads on the WH shoes and maybe some vaseline.

  9. Duke says:

    Can not get the quick change spikes out. Took shoes back to Dick’s and they could not remove either. They no longer carry these shoes. Has anyone been successful in replacing the spikes

  10. Tom says:

    I too have Hagen Shoes and get the quick change spikes out. Any solutions? Thanks, Tom

  11. Mark Dunn says:

    I bought a pair of walter hagen golf shoes in Sept. last year I have only worn a about 12 times and the whole sole has come unglued I took them back to Dicks they said contact the manufacturer and they would send me a new pair my problem is I can not find a contact thru all my searches I hope you can help thanks

    PS From Golf Shoes Blog: I’m checking with mark where this happened and hopefuly to verify this complaint… If it’s as this, I’ll publish my opinion!

  12. Robert Hayman says:

    I purchased golf shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Grove City, Ohio a year ago. We spent the winters in Florida, so I have only worn the shoes 6 months at the most. The shoes look new, but the inside has deterioated completely. A gum-like substance has ruined my socks…please advise…Thank you Bob Hayman

    Golf Shoes Blog: Sorry to hear this but you should ask Dick’s about the gum-like stuff!

  13. Greg says:

    I cant get the “quick change” spikes out. The shoes are not that old that they should be stuck in.

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