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ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes Are Worth Noting!

But Use Up Too Many Capital Letters!  Why Do ECCO Do That?

ecco biom golf shoesGreat looking golf shoes!  Just thought that I’d note them (and picture them) even if I haven’t had time to study properly…

Available in this green, silver, black and brown/orange – though I could swear that I saw these golf shoes in purple too.  Mind, they look good but they electronic cigarette demo have running shoes which look better – but they won’t do the golf bit!

What they say about these golf shoes… SMARTER, MORE COMFORTABLE LEATHER… Through a special “tanned-in” process, we enhance natural leather to create our unique Hydromax leather. This ensures our shoes remain soft and breathable, and your feet stay dry, even after repeated exposure to wet conditions.
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  1. summerhathway says:

    This golf shoes are so nice and beautiful one to me.this type of shoe are useful to play golf.
    PS from Golf Shoes blog: Sorry this doesn’t seem to be a real comment does it…?

  2. ShoeMan says:

    the sole is just amazing!!!

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