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ECCO 109 Golf Shoe- More Info Needed

Here’s Another Golf Shoe Kindness To ECCO From Golf Shoes Blog

I’m still reeling from the unkindness of ECCO in not sending me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes last year.  I’m still sore 12 months on…

ecco 109 crocodile golf shoeBut I like the look of these golf shoes ~ what ECCO call their “most exclusive offering, the Premium 109 collection” which is, they say, an unrivalled experience designed for those who seek the very best. Cost £2000

Now they do look good but can that price be right?  I did draft this some months ago… (could I blame them for having 33 months off from golf shoes?) I need more independent info…

Meanwhile I’m good enough to quote HGH them… “This unique, numbered edition of rich, crocodile skin golf shoes is individually crafted and handmade-to-order by highly skilled artisans. Each of the 109 pairs to be produced is accompanied by a distinctive collector’s accessory package. This includes a crocodile leather luggage tag made from the exact same, hand-selected hides used to make the shoes (nice touch), a platinum plate with the player’s name and shoe edition number, cedar shoe trees and a gold-colored silk shoe bag.  So maybe the price is right…

Now there was news about these a year ago… Did they sell all 109 pairs of these special golf shoes?  I never got that press release… and they’re still on their site.

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  1. albert arillotta says:

    I would like to know if you have a pair in black size 9-1/2 and a light beige in the same size you may email me or call xxxxxxxx thanks
    PS from golf shoes blog: we’re not retailers Albert, sorry…

  2. Polo Shirts says:

    £2000 works out to almost $2700 US. I wonder is they remember that the economy melted down a couple years ago.

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