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Crocs Bought Bite Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Didn’t Know That!  Shame…

It was back in July 2007 that I should have read the following in the Denver post which seems to be one of the first to beak the news.  But I knew nothing about golf shoes then and less about the golf shoes (or funny rubber shoes) industry.  Golf Shoes Blog wasn’t even a glimmer on the fairway…

The original news went like this “The popular Crocs family of funky, brightly colored shoes grew Monday with the acquisition of Bite Footwear for $1.75 million in cash with potential for another $1.75 million if the company reaches certain earnings targets in the next three years”.

bite-vibe-ac-nongolf-shoes-in-whiteblackThe company Crocs Inc. bought Bite Footwear as the  fifth purchase in an obviously aggressive expansion possibly as a reaction to the critiques that said it was a one-hit wonder.

At the time Crocs themselves (Ron Snyder, pres. & CEO) said of Bite, “Over the past 10 years Bite has created a portfolio of exciting and innovative footwear products that we believe will be a terrific complement to our existing business.”

Meanwhwile they seem to be disappearing the brand (doesn’t that sound sinister).  Check out their website and you’ll see Bite trainers as above left getting discounted at $39.99.  Are they discounting the old name away before it’ gone?bite-golf-ac-3-golf-shoes-in-whiteblue

And then to the golf shoes…  and it’s not under the Bite brand!  It looks like the Croc bit the Bite off and the Bite’s going down.  This is their first truly new golf shoe – The AC3 golf shoe on the right – available at $79.99 from Crocs (not many golf shoes) site.

Both golf and non-golf shoes look good.  I prefer the look that Bites had.  See Bite golf shoes seen before. Maybe it didn’t sell (not enough jokers like me around) but the style was unique-ish and certainly special.  The new shoes are very light (“ultra light”) with mesh uppers.  They include Crocs’ Croslite, a proprietary closed cell resin material which wasgoing to be introduced into the Bite golf shoes – the trouble is that they’re not bite golf shoes no more.

The other feature of note is the moulded arched shank (the middle of the bottom:  Is that the right word?  A lamb shank is definitely elsewhere,I know I’ve tasted them!)

Enough! I’m getting light headed and frivolous.  Good night.

PS Should I change the Bite Shoes Category to Bite/Crocs?  Will there be enough golf shoes to warrant it or should they go to “Other”?

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  1. Sig says:

    Ebay is the only place I can find them. Crocs bought out Bite design. Just have to watch Ebay. You find brand new & used, Good luck!

  2. David Treagus says:

    I am looking for a pair of Bite Sportec golf shoes size UK 9.
    Can you help me?

  3. Sig says:

    Those Crocs of —-! I found this site by looking for a pair of Bite sandals, I guess I’m sol now!! Crocs hit the jackpot, by getting Bite design.

  4. Fred H. Noland says:

    I am trying to find a place I can buy a pair of Bite golf shoes Style #2816C (VIBE AC) size 9(US). Thank you.

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