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Golf Shoes Blog Review: “How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt”

It’s Not Golf Shoes But It’s Funny: Golf Humour/Humor

golf shoes blog review of how to line up your fourth_puttAfter a long correspondence about whether I’d have a look at these books (I always said yes, but they never arrived) they did finally land on Golf Shoes Blog’s doorstep just before Christmas.  I thought it was a Christmas present – which it was in a way.  Two books and a cd – all available from  I guess they would have ideally got them to me earlier so that anyone who read this (and a more detailed review to follow) might have got on the net and bought one (or two) for a Christmas present for the golfer in their life.  They would be great present and now we’ve missed Xmas, then maybe for father’s day or a birthday.

As alluded to,  I will return to them in some more detail – but in the meantime let me say that the chapter titles made me chuckle staight out – like the titles of the books themselves.  By author Bobby Rusher, the original book is “How To Line Up Your Fourth Cialis Online Putt” and the sequel “When To Regrip Your Ball Retriever”. Chapter titles such as “How to hit a Dunlop 2 from the rough on your second shot, when you hit a Titleist 2 from the tee” and “How to get more distance off the shank” tell you much of the wit and off-fairway humour of the books.

There is more than the just the chapter names but the same vein is mined often throughout… such as the opener for the chapter “When to chip from the tee” with the opener being 1. When you already lie 6 on that tee or 3. To get back to the fairway – when you’re on another tee by some odd chance!

One other vein quickly visible thoughout is the wittily wicked gamesmanship (cheating?) which ranges from loudly cleaning your ball to a wollop with a 9-iron to the solar plexus.

If only the humour in the books were more evident on the course at the time when it’s most needed.  It’s definitely an antidote…

More soon when I’ve finished…

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