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New 2012 True Linkswear golf shoes

Golf Shoes Blog comments rallying the faithful…

Also in my absence I’ve got about 200 comments which have accumulated in the golf shoes blog inbox, of which most are believe it or not genuine. (See elsewhere for my comments on spam comments, where I’m sorry if I use expletives.) Many are from makers and manufacturers and supporters (the faithful, whether paid or not). Some are from True Linkswear and I have posted this on the relavant post – though I disagree about what Ryan was wearing at the time…

Anyway that lead me to look Buy Kamagra at the latest offering on their website and again I like what I saw. My wife’ chasing me to go out (Friday evening) so I won’t go into detail now but offer you a picture from their site of one style of which they must be proud, featuring in their banner heading. Smart and attractive and the thrust is that they’re comfortable too. I must ask for a pair to test ride. If you’re there… please get in touch. Otherwise watch out or an email…

Wouldn’t you like an official approval from GSB…?

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  1. requl says:

    Oh how nice this shoe! All shoes are so modern, everyone can use because all are very soft.

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