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Golf Humour Bobby Rush Style…

It’s Not Golf Shoes But I Promised To Return To You After A Comprehensive Read (and chuckle).. A fortnight ago, Golf Shoes Blog had just received the two books from Bobby Rusher – “How to line up your fourth putt” and “When to regrip your ball retriever” and after my initial chuckles, I said that […]

Golf Shoes Blog Review: “How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt”

It’s Not Golf Shoes But It’s Funny: Golf Humour/Humor After a long correspondence about whether I’d have a look at these books (I always said yes, but they never arrived) they did finally land on Golf Shoes Blog’s doorstep just before Christmas.  I thought it was a Christmas present – which it was in a way.  […]

Golf Shoes At London Golf Show: Starts Tomorrow…

How many Golf Shoes Will Be On Display At The London Golf Show? I was first told about this show by a manufacturer who was showing the new Geox golf shoes (see on Golf Shoes Blog) at the show. Check the Golf Show wesbite for the show details, which is at the ExCel centre, a […]

Tiger Woods: Golf Shoes Blog Meanderings…

What Would I like To See From Here… There’ll be enough talk everywhere about Tiger Woods and a lot of it will be in reference to his sponsorships and advertising. I want to look at it a different way, following a sage commentator on the radio this morning who was stressing the hope that it’s not […]

Apropos Nothing Much To Do With Golf Shoes

I  just wanted to show this picture which has litle to do with anything at all.  It’s from 1927, showing a man teaching South Sea Islanders how to play golf.  Is it a set up?

Golf Shoes Blog Query: Is There A Sport that Needs As Much Gear?

Play Golf – Buy Golf Shoes, Clubs, Balls, Glove, Tees, Regulation Clothes… And then if you really want to continue…  golf shoe bag for your golf shoes, golf socks… new (different or special) clubs, covers for your drivers… does the list go on? So I’m wondering what other sport needs quite so much in the […]

More Golf Trousers Than Golf Shoes Really…

Can’t See The Golf Shoes For The Trousers John Daly sporting a mean pair of golf trousers. It’s a shame that the shoes don’t match. Anyway who’s looking at the golf shoes here.

Golf Shoes Blog Diverts To Golf Socks, Briefly

Selina Scott’s Angora Golfing Socks My Mum told me to look out for these golfing socks after she read about them in the papers and of course being made by the famous Selina Scott, publicity must flow like water.  Angora goat mohair, no less… these golf socks cost £12.50 plus P&P.  Why they are especially […]

Golf Shoes Blog Pleases Green Golf Blog

But How Much Can Golf Shoes Blog Do? I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about golf shoe manufacturers and whether they could guarantee where the leather came from.  (They can’t which is why you’re supposed to ask them and put the pressure on.) I had a comment from Scott who runs a site […]

Recycled Golf Balls: What About Recycled Golf Shoes?

Does Anyone Want – Or Sell – Used Golf Shoes? For some reason or another (and it’s very little to do with golf shoes), I came across a site in Australia which sell second hand golf balls.  I then checkd to see if there’s the same in Europe/USA and there is – this time golf […]