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Tricky Dicky Golf Shoes

Wouldn’t Walter Hagen Be Turning in His Golf Shoes… Golf Shoes Blog received this note and if it’s genuine, it’s terrible!* “I bought a pair of walter hagen golf shoes in Sept. last year I have only worn a about 12 times and the whole sole has come unglued I took them back to Dicks […]

Who’s Golf Shoes Is Arnold Palmer Wearing

Golf Shoes Blog Asked To Identify Golf Shoes… We just had the following email “Dear Tate, I don’t know if you have done this kind of thing in the past, but I recently saw a MasterCard commercial with Boo Weekly and Arnold Palmer (you couldn’t miss the spot it if you saw the US Open […]

New Year:New Golf Shoes

Happy New Year – Fancy A New Golf Shoe? Firstly belated season’s greetings form Golf Shoes Blog.  I’ve had a bit of a rest from golf shoes and blogging for the season and I’m as rusty at this now as I was in my two rounds of golf  that I played over the season. I […]

Paula’s Golf Shoes: And…

But Who Is Modelling This Golf Shoe?  These golf shoes are very Paula Creamer.  But when you look closely – and past the golf shoes and up a bit – you notice the slightly hirsuit leg.  Is it the leg of the golf-fashion icon Ms creamer herself? Obviously they’re her golf shoes but… Maybe there’s […]

Flirty Golf Girl's Favourite Golf Shoes

If You’re Going To Take Just One Pair Of Golf Shoes… Having a limit to what you can carry or what you can travel with is the subject of  golf girl‘s latest post on her blog – Golf Girl’s Diary – about her golf shoes (and her club choice – when travelling with the same weight retriction).  Self […]

Bill Murray In Blue Golf Shoes

Who’s Blue Golf Shoes?  Golf Shoes Blog on the Case… Now he’s been raising eyebrows with his blue golf shoes!  Actor Bill Murray, playing in a pro-am (pro-celebrity?) tournament has already hit a neighbour with a tee-shot on the first day and he’s playing very badly, he says. He also borrowed a lady’s sunglasses shaped like […]

Good News! Talking To Stuburt Golf Shoes…

Will I get My Hidro Pro Brown/White Size 9′s??? You may remember that I said I might actually get some new golf shoes – see article on Stuburt Hidro – which despite their great (ie good value) price ticket look like just the shoes for me.  (Brown & white not B&W as pictured here.) I am […]

Who’s Golf Shoes: FootJoy Europas

Red Dirt Girl Says of Her Golf Shoes “I LOVE Them!” There’s a lady photographer and golfer called “Red Dirt Girl” on Flickr  (or Allison, but that doesn’t sound as wild west to a guy from Old Hampshire).  And Red Dirt Girl’s FootJoy golf shoes are so lovely she has to ask  ”How’s a girl supposed […]

Golf Shoes Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Golf Shoes, Happy Birthday To You! I found this pair of golf shoes on Flickr a website which is mostly about the pictures – so the commentary is non-existent so we don’t know who where or why!  The photographer is Sarah, so I thank her for the great image and I guess she […]

Golf Shoes & Freezing Toes!

Golf Shoes Blog Plays New Year’s Eve Golf We played twice in the dull days between Christmas &  New Year at our secret golf course, high on the hills in the windswept countryside.  The dew and frost didn’t get enough sunshine or daylight hours to defrost between night-times so it was almost a White Christmas […]