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Why Spikes… Review

An email Golf Shoes Blog recieved… “Just stumbled on an article from 2009 asking why FootJoy produce a spikeless shoe, and why not therefore just go for trainers etc.? Couldn’t resist a reply since the answer is so simple, and I happen to have exactly the same shoes! They are not designed to wear for […]

Other Uses For Golf Shoes #14: Blue Suede Shoes

Innovative Costume Designer Briefly: I just read that a part in an audition demanded blue suede shoes but none were available, so a clever friendly costume designer painted a pair of golf shoes blue and hey presto. Having looked up an image for blue suede shoes, there doesn’t seem to be a standard (when we […]

Golf Shoe Trophies

Is This Another Use Of Golf Shoes? I saw this photo on flickr taken by Erik Rasmussen who kindly provided more information about these curiosities.  Erik tells us that the minigolf shoes as trophies were real leather -some with real laces. “They felt and looked very, very authentic, except for the fact that they were miniature, […]

Two Pairs Of Golf Shoes Planters In The World Now

Golf Shoes as Flower Pots Pandemic! I’m sure that I invented the golf shoe planter and I put a post up on the blog back in May.  Now I’ve just seen another pair suspiciously soon after and susiciously imitative – on Golf  If it was independent then I’m glad to be part of this […]

Golf Shoes As Ladies’ Fashion

White Tassled Golf Shoes (“Style”?) for Lunch In NYC This lady (Rihanna) is not near a golf course… more like her first course and her main course as she goes to lunch in her white tassled golf shoes/loafers.  Is this a sign of things to come:  Golf Shoes as fashion in the city? Should I […]

Other Uses For Golf Shoes: Part #10

Watching Golf in Golf Shoes There was a story in about the golf writers collecting for the US open being all dressed up in golf gear, including olf shoes with the cleats and all.  I thought that I should comment and wrote the response below. But before you read that let me just say […]

Other Uses For Golf Shoes: Part #9

Golf Shoes For Tug of War You could have seen me at the weekend in my golf shoes at the village fete.  There I was in my Callaway XTT Comps – but otherwise most un-golf-like. The reason was that I had been recruited to one of tug of war teams and I wanted the maximum grip […]

Other Uses for Golf Shoes: Part #8

Golf Shoes as Planters or Flower Pots Now I have my new Stuburts golf shoes, my old pair which may have seemed to many to be only good for the bin, have found a new use – as flower pots.  (Yes, I am replacing the picture of my golf shoes with the new stuburts – […]

Other Uses for Golf Shoes: Part #7

Golf Shoes as Lawn Aerators! As regular readers will know, I’m always interested in other uses for golf shoes – though these days this is usually limited to using your old spiked shoes which are not so popular on U golf courses. So when I saw an article on a prime lawn care website about spiking […]

Golf Shoes & Wedding Dress

Golf Shoes - Old or New, Borrowed?   But Not Blue… I’ve stolen this beautiful photo (with golf shoes) from Chelsea Beck Photography who took the wedding pictures at this golf shoe event!  Chelsea is a natural light photographer. Chelsea’s photographed the wedding, following a remarkable tale including a proposal on the 18th green (with the ring […]