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Halle Berry In No Golf Shoes

Barefoot In The Park: No Golf Shoes NO GOLF SHOES: Halle Berry seen last week near LA, playing a round with partner (and kid watching on from the buggy).  No idea if she plays well.  No idea if she normally plays or whether she normally wears golf shoes.  But she’s famous… it was in all the […]

Walk Right Golf Shoes: Update News

I said I’d Find These Golf Shoes… A few days ago I got excited about the idea that there were some new golf shoes and I did see a picture of some new sole design.  They were definitely called WALK RIGHT and they said they were being launched this month. So I’m on the trail… First […]

No Golf Shoes Water Shots: Found The Video

Following Yesterday’s No Golf Shoes Water Shot Story From 1993… …We bring you the definitive video on the subject from You Tube Our man from yeterday, Mr Ian Baker-Finch is at the end as the grand finale.  Enjoy!  (And see I told you they say the golf shoes don’t feel the same afterwards.) And go […]

Another No Golf Shoes Water Shot

That time In 1993: Makes Another Golf Shoes Blog “No Golf Shoes” Story Aha! Another No Golf Shoes story I thought, and it seems to be part of a pattern.  Someone becomes well known for taking off their trousers (pants in US parlance) and off with their golf shoes and their socks and then the […]

NO Golf Shoes – Amongst Other "No" Rules

No Golf Shoes, No Golf Shirts, No Golf Trousers… I’ve just caught up with a tournament which sounds like the antithesesis of the traditional golf club and it’s rules.  According to the (which seems to be the original source of this story) the eighth annual “Redneck Golf Tournament” will be held on April 20. “It can be […]

Slip Savers Instead of Golf Shoes

Do I Quite Believe These Alternatives To Golf Shoes?! Well what can you really say about these – having just posted an image of an exquisite “Royal” golf shoe from London/Italy retailing at most of $1,000!  These Slip Savers are right at the other end of the spectrum, promoted as being half the price of even […]

No Golf Shoes…No Not Much Nothing!

Golf Shoes Blog Brings You The Stenson Picture That You All Wanted To See Where have you been if you haven’t heard about Henrik Stenson taking everything but a glove and his underpants?  So this has to be in the NO Golf Shoes section! And on the right his own self-styled mud golf shoes! Hover over […]

Would You Rent Your Golf Shoes?

Hawaiin Course Rents Golf Shoes For $15 There’s a beautiful golf course in Hawaii, (Princeville, Kauai), as the picture on the left shows.  Their green fees price list/info states that you can rent golf shoes for $15.  Now I’m not sure that you want to pay that much for someone else’s atheletes foot (do they […]

1999's Most Famous No Golf Shoes Story

Off With His Golf Shoes and Socks! I cannot believe that I could ever forget this… Who didn’t see this event and cringe?!  It was more likely to put me behind the sofa than Doctor Who ever was! I was just reminded of it and of course it’s a great candidate for a NO GOLF SHOES story!  […]

Another No Golf Shoes Story

No Golf Shoes Necessary In California I love to hear about people playing without their golf shoes.  Do’t ask me why – after all this site is all about golf shoes.  Maybe it’s the refreshing nature of no shoes which means that you don’t have to go through the gestation of actually chosing which golf […]