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What Are ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes?

ECCO Golf Shoes Add Golfer Jennifer Johnson I only write this because I’m intrigued about what BIOM golf shoes are… I’m miffed at ECCO because they send me all their puff and when I asked if they could send me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes for my wife (so I could write great things about them […]

Paula Creamer Adidas Golf Shoes

Somebody Asked For Pretty Pink Golf Shoes Like Paula’s Before: Can I find their Comment So Many Months (Years?) Later… This is part of the Paula Creamer designed (or inspired by) Signature golf shoe range at Adidas. But when you look to buy from the range, you just see the (boring) ordinary looking ones. And […]

Really Wide Golf Shoes For Ladies???

Golf Shoes Blog Begged For Extra Wide Golf Shoe Help Marpessa writes… “Help!! No one has extra wide(E-EE) golf shoes in a Ladies size 6!!! Why not??”  (GSB: I’m not sur if E-EE is different to EEE).  She continues “I am sure there are others in my, NOT SIZED MEDIUM, boat!!!  How can I improve […]

Latest Callaway Vela Ladies Golf Shoes In US Only (?)

Golf Shoes Blog had a comment on the last post about the availablity of these shoes… “Fantastic looking shoes,but why oh why can’t we get these on UK websites? What is the point of bring out these new sporty looking shoes if half the world can’t get them? Come on Callaway give us all a […]

Natalie Gublis’ Adidas Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Designed By Twitter?  Or By Adidas As Usual? Last January Golf Shoes Blog reported that Natalie Gublis was designing a new golf shoe/golf shoe range for Adidias. Please see that New 2010 Shoe By Gulbis post especially if you want to see her in a gold bikini. Now the phrase has become ”Designed collaboratively with […]

Raddon Golf Shoes: Are They Shandals?

One Pair Of Golf Shoes: Two Choices of Golf Shoe Studs Take your pick…Champ Stinger Studs or Champ Litewate studs – both on the pink & red “Shandals”.  Actually I’m not sure what the actual name is of the golf shoes.  If you look at the ad that Alan published as seen on Golf Shoes […]

Tip Tee Toe Golf Shoes

 How And Where To Buy This Colourful Golf Shoe Following my mention of Tip Tee Toe golf shoes (boy that’s hard to remember and type – though I bet they think it’s easy because they’re used to it!) I’ve had several comments and mails about these wedge-heeled golf shoes for ladies. They now have their […]

Dawg Gon It: New Golf Shoes

World’s Lightest Golf Shoe, They Say Dawgs Golf is showing these new golf shoes and I like the look of them IF you want to go this direction. I think they look better than Crocs (see earlier mentions) – but now that they’re Bite are we going to see some developments???  Before the Crocs didn’t […]

Sleek But Spike-Less Lightweight Ladies Golf Shoes

Callaway Vela Women’s Golf Shoes: I Like The Look Of This Golf Shoe… Where did these Callaway Vela Golf Shoes come from all of a sudden!  They’re a lightweight, spikeless design that they say works on or off the course. With soft but strong last construction in full leather and rubber outsole and as said, spike […]

“I really want the pink, black and white adidas golf shoes that Paula Creamer is wearing”

Golf Shoes Blog Hasn’t Seen Those Golf  Shoes… Brandy asked in a comment to Golf Shoes Blog: I have been watching the Lorena Ochoa golf tourney and really want the pink, black and white adidas golf shoes that Paula Creamer is wearing. I love adidas shoes and they are comfy. I want to know if […]