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First Time Out In New Callaway Hyperbolics

New Golf Shoes Did Perfectly In The Rain.  Golf Shoes Review & Rate Review To Follow… Yes I have mentioned and shown the Callaway Hyperbolic golf shoes before on Golf Shoes Blog but I was flippant about their terminology and TLA’s (three letter acronyms) (and to some extent about the name which does lead to punning).  Now […]

Golf Shoes Blog Review & Rate: Callaway XTT Comp Golf Shoes

New Golf Shoes Reviewed & Score Well! These may well be my favourite golf shoes at the moment.  Is the fact that I scored well important?  I don’t know but it can’t hurt can it.  Are the golf shoes responsible?  Partly.  But to business… Remember how the Golf Shoes Blog Review & Rate Scoring goes… […]

The New "Golf Shoe Blog Review & Rate" (GSBR&R®) Review Scoring Revealed!

I’ve Reviewed One Pair Of Golf Shoes But More Are on Their Way!* As promised yesterday when I reviewed my first pair of new golf shoes I’ve invented the Golf Shoes Blog REVIEW & RATE scoring system to try and  judge fairly the worth of a golf shoe – or even a pair of golf shoes! (And I’m […]

Golf Shoes Blog’s New Golf Shoes: Test #2

My Stuburt Hidro Pro Glf Shoes: How Good? You may remember that I had a bad back so I could only walk my new golf shoes and not golf in them last week.  Well soon the day came when my back was nearly well enough to play – so I did.  My golf was bad but the Hidro Pro […]

Golf Shoes Blog's New Golf Shoes: Test #1

My Stuburt Hidro Pro Glf Shoes: How Comfortable? Number one test for a new golf shoe is comfort.  Forget all the rest if you can’t walk in the things. So my new golf shoes have arrived from Stuburt and what happens to my back!  Too much paving, wheel-barrowing and moving a telegraph pole (don’t ask)!  […]

World Golf Writer Praises Nike Elite II

Celebrating New Golf Shoe Technology There’s an article on the World Golf website (see below) which advises readers to get new shoes – especially those who’ve had so many new clubs in search of improved golfing prowess and who forget the humble golf shoe.  But not so humble anymore!  As we know. Quoting him “One of […]

Adidas Tour 360 111 golf shoe – putting too…

PutterZone praises Golf Shoe all the way to the greens! There’s a site which usually reserves it’s comment to putters but I’ve just read a review of the Adidas 360 Tour 111 (or 3 if you prefer) where they extend their praise (a glowing review) to a golf shoe.  PutterZone writes all about the 360 degree sock effect […]

Online retailer adds Ecco golf shoes to range

“The Flexor Golf Shoe is as comfortable as one that I have ever put on”… … says and give this as he reason to stock the Ecco shoes – even though they are not as “budget” as they usually stock and sell.  (The clue’s in the name!) See earlier post for more info on […]

Golf Shoes to help you hit further. Part 4!

 Number Four magic golf shoe offering:  Adidas Tour 360 LTD (seen at $250)  Features: “Low-profile technology” brings you close to the turf for better feel; 10 cleats (three more than standard) improve grip, and three bands around the instep provide stability. A blogger who calls himself DogBalls just wrote of these golf shoes “The most comfortable […]

Who says FootJoy is the number one golf shoe?

An online retailer claims that Footjoy golf shoes are number one and that you shouldn’t settle for less! I’m not sure how the other brands that they sell will feel about that.  Given that they might sell a lot of them:  Given that they might look good:  Given that that’s what the publicity may say… […]