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Golf Shoes Blog Review: “How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt”

It’s Not Golf Shoes But It’s Funny: Golf Humour/Humor After a long correspondence about whether I’d have a look at these books (I always said yes, but they never arrived) they did finally land on Golf Shoes Blog’s doorstep just before Christmas.  I thought it was a Christmas present – which it was in a way.  […]

Golf Shoes Joke No. Whatever & Thoughts Of Tiger

You Can’t Read The Word “Golf” Today Without A Tiger Context Well my idea of Tiger re-grouping away from the spotlight seems to have been taken on board… and I didn’t know that he read Golf Shoes Blog! All the talk is about sponsorships as they start to fall away, though his golf shoe sponsor […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (vii)

Two Monkeys In Golf Shoes… (Best said out loud) There’s two monkeys putting on their golf shoes in the changing room of the Jungle Chimpionship Club House. One chimp says to the other ” Ooh OOH Ooh Ah Ah Ah!” (You have to do this in a chimp voice, like chips normally talk. I don’t know […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (vi)

Too Small Golf Shoes A red-faced, obviously irate golfer, walks off the 18th green straight to the pro shop and demands some size 8 golf shoes. The junior pro offers him some advice, saying that he obviously has size 10 feet or bigger. But the golfer demands size 8s.  He gets the new gol shoes […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (v)

Alligator Golf Shoes Following the earlier golf Shoes Blog post on alliator golf shoes, a young but rather slow-witted guy goes into Nashville Boots to get himself a pair.  But he’d not read Golf Shoes Blog very closely and he’d missed the price.  He’d read $399 a $39.99 and so he was bitterly disappointed not ot […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (iv): Slighty More Risque

How Big Are Your Golf Shoes Sir? Young buck goes into the golf shoes store… and sees the most beautiful young lady assistant standing by the counter.  As she asks him if he knows what size he is, he takes out his member (not a golf club member either) and flops it onto the counter […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (iii)

New Golf Shoes Trade Standing on the first tee, Tom says to his friend Bill, just as he was about to strike the ball “Hey I forgot to tell you I got a new pair of golf shoes for my wife”.  Bill hits it straight down the fairway and the comment is left in thin […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (ii)

Dirty Grassy Golf Shoes After a particularly physical and energetic afternoon in bed with his secretary, our hero and his companion both fall asleep.  At sunset he suddenly awakens and shakes awake the young lady.  Whilst he tries to get dressed in a hurry, he asks her to quickly take his shoes outside and rub […]

Golf Shoes Jokes (i)

New Section For Golf Shoes Blog – Ha Ha! An elderly gentleman in his golf gear – plus fours & shiny new golf shoes and all – goes into a chemist/drug store and boldly asks the young lady behind the counter for vi@gra.  She is used to people asking for this quite quietly and gingerly but maybe […]