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Low Profile Golf Shoes – The 2010 Be All & End All?

Reading Through Golf Shoes Blog Myself… I noticed that the new buzz in golf shoes surely must be the low profile.  Get closer to the ground. Adidas 360 Tour 4.0 golf shoes and the ladies’ Signature ranges – all low Nike Air Tour Saddle – low profile FootJoy – the LoPro as shown very recently on […]

Golf Shoes: Why Hitting A Golf Ball Is Different!

People Keep Asking Why Do You Need Golf Shoes… You see the questions all over the tinternet (drumming up business for someone, with a link, no doubt). So let’s answer the question of why golf shoes… from at least one angle: Because when you play golf you are realtively stationery (given your swing) but the ball is […]

Choosing Golf Shoes: Hot Weather Tips

Golf Shoes that Breathe: Hot Weather Cooling When you’re choosing golf shoes for hot weather it may be that you consider mesh golf shoes because they breathe.  Not a bad idea but do remember that if the golf courses that you play are spraying or using chemicals, then those chemicals may get to your feet […]

The Golf Channel Selling Golf Shoes

We All Know The Golf Channel But Did You Know They Sell Golf Shoes? It would be hard to be a golfer who spends much time on the internet and not know the Golf Channel for it’s “Golf news, features and commentary, tournament coverage, statistics and schedules, video clips, television listings and promotions” but how many […]

Do Your Golf Shoes Need Spikes?

If Not: Do You Need Golf Shoes? Two golf shoe things are coming together in my Golf Shoes Blog mind today… One is the fact that some golf clubs (I’ve read about these in The States, not in the UK) are dropping their dress codes.  Public courses have been informal for some time but clubs […]

Good Golf Shoes For Bones!

Quickie: Golf Shoes Blog Advice I keep reading about golf shoes giving support and if I’m 100% honest (that would make me a remarkable man) I don’t know fully what this means.  I can imagine that your foot needs support and to be held all round but that’s what we’d normally call stability.  So is it […]

Breathable Golf Shoes

What to Look For In a Golf Shoe For Wet & Dry… Spring has Sprung and it’s variably wet and dry but often the grass is quite wet, especially if you’re an early riser and the dew’s still on the grass.  If the course is watered in the summer the same applies! And you don’t […]

Golf Shoes For Comfort… Cont’d…

Update on Choosing Golf Shoes… For Comfort & Fit First of all you should read Part One of Choosing Golf Shoes and then you should read Part Two and then you really know it all – or nearly most of it!  But I’ve had a nag that I haven’t said it all about choosing golf shoes… Yes, we […]

Choosing Golf Shoes: Part Two

Try Golf Shoes With Small Heels and Big Toe Boxes! First if all you should read Part One of Choosing Golf Shoes!  Then read on… I have been reading what podiatrist Gary Friedlander says about choosing the best golf shoes – including comfort and support. Friedlander is the Director of Midwestern University Clinic–Podiatric Medicine & Surgery says “it all […]

How do "lite" golf shoes fare?

Lite Golf Shoes vs. “Heavy” Golf Shoes vs. Shoes! Call me old fashioned (as some have been known to do) but I cannot get past these “lite” golf shoes looking like trainers with spikes!  Trainers are really comfortable – that’s what they were made to be – but so were “heavy” golf shoes (just read all the […]