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Stuburt Golf Shoes Offers – More…

And If You Happen To Be Size 10.5 Golf Shoes The last golf shoe offer I posted here on golf shoes blog wasextended until February but I am afraid that I’ve been having a break formthe world of golf shoes and did not get round to telling everybody… sorry. However – and don’t all get […]

Hurry Hurry Stuburt Golf Shoes Going Cheap

Special Offer On Darren Clarke Collection I have just received an email with the attached in it. I pass  the info to Golf Shoes Blog readers so that they can enjoy the offer too.  Stuburt is one of our favourite golf shoe makes an the Darren clarke shoes are amongst the best.  So see if […]

New Year:New Golf Shoes

Happy New Year – Fancy A New Golf Shoe? Firstly belated season’s greetings form Golf Shoes Blog.  I’ve had a bit of a rest from golf shoes and blogging for the season and I’m as rusty at this now as I was in my two rounds of golf  that I played over the season. I […]

Stuburt Winter Golf Boot Too

Golf  Boots All The Rage – Have You Seen Them On The Course? Having just seen the Adidas Mudrunner golf boot, wenw seethe Stuburt Winter Boot.  The same arguments about wet and dry apply. Golf Shoes Tech & Spec: EVA/Rubber outsole for less weight and comfort/Velcro strap fastening system for ease use/Stuburt brand cleats/synthetic leather […]

Stuburt Helium Pro Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Blog briefly mentioned these snazzy golf shoes in passing before but then their website was highly protective of pictures and copy so I never got into any detail.  Now they sem to have taken the security guards off and I bring you the Stburt Helium Pro 11 golf shoes in their sexy red […]

Pink Golf Shoes Found…

Golf Shoes Blog Already had Pink Golf Shoes! When writing a piece about pink golf shoes to help the pink gear effect in support of cancer research, I asked about where all the pink golf shoes were and couldn’t find any at the time – well not for men anyway. Then I was looking back […]

Golf Shoes Blog’s New Golf Shoes: Test #2

My Stuburt Hidro Pro Glf Shoes: How Good? You may remember that I had a bad back so I could only walk my new golf shoes and not golf in them last week.  Well soon the day came when my back was nearly well enough to play – so I did.  My golf was bad but the Hidro Pro […]

Golf Shoes Blog's New Golf Shoes: Test #1

My Stuburt Hidro Pro Glf Shoes: How Comfortable? Number one test for a new golf shoe is comfort.  Forget all the rest if you can’t walk in the things. So my new golf shoes have arrived from Stuburt and what happens to my back!  Too much paving, wheel-barrowing and moving a telegraph pole (don’t ask)!  […]

Golf Shoes Blog Gets New Golf Shoes!

I Did It! I Actually Got New Golf Shoes! I haven’t had a chance to test drive my new golf shoes yet – my new Stuburt Hidro Pro golf shoes.  I have had a chance to be excited… as the parcel arrived… as I had my first look as the box opened… as I found […]

Golf Shoes That Look Like My Old Shoes…

But Better Condtion and Much Better Stuburt Quality! While I was knocking around the website for Stuburt Golf Shoes, checking the colour of my new Stuburt Hidro Pro (they’re not brown & white but white/”bomber”) I came across these lovely patent white golf shoes from the Darren Clarke Collection.  Now labelled “Hand Crafted” rather than the Classic […]