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“Ryan Moore’s Golf Shoes – Where Can I get Them?”

And “Where can I buy the C Hopper golf shoes?” Golf Shoes Blog recieves many comments and sometimes they are genuine! I have had two – as the headings above – that have to be from a Puma PR co, surely.  If they can find Golf Shoes Blog, then they can search the “interweb” for the Puma […]

Whilst On The Subject Of Black & White Golf Shoes…

Geoff Ogilvy Doing A Craig Cyr With The Golf Shoes I hope on Golf Shoes Blog, that you’ve seen Craig Cyr one-black, one-white golf shoe look.  And now look at what we’re seeing on the Puma site… Are they paying Craig a royalty? Meanwhile in Dubai Geoff Ogilvy is wearing the special edition Swing crown […]

Golf Shoes News: Ryan Moore Update

Golf Shoes Blog Gets “Ryan Moore Golf Shoes” Spike In Visitors After writing in February about the logo-less man on the golf course “bar his golf shoes”, it has been in the news last week that he has not only signed with Scratch Golf but taken an equity share in the company (in exchange we have […]

Puma Tipper Golf Shoes- Look Like Swing Crowns…

“Neo-Classic” Golf Shoe ”Crossover” These neat looking golf shoes are slighly lower in price than the Swing Crown golf shoes from Puma at $170/£135 direct fromPuma  (or £119 from others eg Scottsdale).  Add $20ormore forthe older Swing Crowns. I’ve read that “This neo-classic addition to the Smart Quill family is a crossover between the traditional styling of […]

The Ugliest Golf Shoes

Does Anyone Want To Nominate Their Ugliest Golf Shoe Often we talk about the good looking golf shoes and those that tickle the aesthetic.  We have on Golf Shoes Blog a category for Designer Golf Shoes and Amazing Golf Shoes.  And once or twice we have suggested that a golf shoe was ugly (Nike & Adidas […]

Flirty Golf Girl's Favourite Golf Shoes

If You’re Going To Take Just One Pair Of Golf Shoes… Having a limit to what you can carry or what you can travel with is the subject of  golf girl‘s latest post on her blog – Golf Girl’s Diary – about her golf shoes (and her club choice – when travelling with the same weight retriction).  Self […]

Puma Swing Golf Shoes Query

How Can You Tell If These Golf Shoes Are Right or Left Handed (Footed?)? Golf Shoes Blog has  just  had a query from a reader asking how you tell if the Puma Swing GTX golf shoes are for left handed players or right hnded players “I just bought a pair of Puma Swing GTX golf […]

Golf Shoes Blog Recent Comments

The Internet & Business Vs Golf Shoes Having been away from Golf Shoes Blog (and golf shoes) for a couple of days, I got back to find more than the usual amount of comments submitted to the site.  Now it’s a funny old place, the “tinternet” where individuals write and search and businesses use it more […]

Special Puma Swing Crown GTX Golf Shoes

Puma Still Busy With Golf Shoes & Collection I have mentioned recently how noticeable it is that Puma are so very busy promoting their golf shoes (amongst other things) at the moment.  Must be a new marketing director! And good luck to them.  Work hard and succeed! They’re busy too sending out emails – the last promoting […]

Pink Golf Shoes Found…

Golf Shoes Blog Already had Pink Golf Shoes! When writing a piece about pink golf shoes to help the pink gear effect in support of cancer research, I asked about where all the pink golf shoes were and couldn’t find any at the time – well not for men anyway. Then I was looking back […]