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New 2012 True Linkswear golf shoes

Golf Shoes Blog comments rallying the faithful… Also in my absence I’ve got about 200 comments which have accumulated in the golf shoes blog inbox, of which most are believe it or not genuine. (See elsewhere for my comments on spam comments, where I’m sorry if I use expletives.) Many are from makers and manufacturers […]

More From TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes…

… remember the Ryan Moore connection… Do you remember that we talked about Ryan Moore quite a lot on Golf Shoes Blog ~ at first for being “unbranded” and then for rather cleverly throwing in his lot with makers in which he got a share of the whole kaboodle.  Clever boy…  Then I also wrote about the TRUE […]

Tricky Dicky Golf Shoes

Wouldn’t Walter Hagen Be Turning in His Golf Shoes… Golf Shoes Blog received this note and if it’s genuine, it’s terrible!* “I bought a pair of walter hagen golf shoes in Sept. last year I have only worn a about 12 times and the whole sole has come unglued I took them back to Dicks […]

Who’s Golf Shoes Is Arnold Palmer Wearing

Golf Shoes Blog Asked To Identify Golf Shoes… We just had the following email “Dear Tate, I don’t know if you have done this kind of thing in the past, but I recently saw a MasterCard commercial with Boo Weekly and Arnold Palmer (you couldn’t miss the spot it if you saw the US Open […]

More Wide Golf Shoes At Wide Fit Site

Hard To Find Golf Shoes: Extra Wide Formen & Women Golf Shoes Blog mentioned this site yesterday when begged for help by someone who could not find extra wide golf shoes.  This was for a ladies’ golf shoe in size 6 in triple EEE fitting.  But they do men’s golf shoes too and some we […]

True Linkswear Golf Shoes – From Mr Ryan Moore…

“I’m wearing TRUE linkswear golf shoes because they’re the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn” says Ryan We first mentioned these new golf shoes, the prototype of which Ryan Moore has been testing this year a few days ago – see Linkswear Golf Shoes on Golf Shoes Blog TheTRUE golf shoes  that they are showing […]

More On Ryan Moore Golf Shoes

Ryan Moore’s Golf Shoes Have Generated More Golf Shoes Searches For golf Shoes Blog Than Any Other And now, astute business man that he is, Ryan Moore has taken a share in another company - True Linkswear - and is now getting publicity for them (and him) in a very different kind of golf shoe. Search Golf […]

New Golf Shoes – Buy Through Our Golf Shoe Shop

Longridge Golf Shoes Here’s a good example of of Golf Shoes Blog’s new golf shoe shop (this one in the UK).  It’s a golf shoe that we haven’t seen before but we found it at just £37 – though they hae the same marque golf shoes from just HGH £22. See the range of Longridge […]

Pescador Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Blog To Test New Carbon Fibre Soles From Pescador Golf Shoes… Maybe Another curious email from Joan at Pescador – who make dress shoes and golf shoes – as seen before on Golf Shoes Blog. This time the message may be asking me to test their new golf shoes… I think because I […]

Who And What Are Parker McClain Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Gets No New News… A recent comment received by Golf Shoes Blog read “I love the Parker McClain golf shoes, but can not find any where to buy them. Please advise. The web site shows all of the shoes but no place to buy them”. Well I’m afraid that I can’t […]