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Nike FREE-Inspired TW 13 Shoes

Nike Golf Claims Another Redefinition of Golf Shoes… Please excuse the slight cynicism below… in fact the reason I chose to  show these shoes is becasue I liked the image here on the left. Makes a refreshing change… Nike’s new golf shoes (in “relentless pursuit of innovation continues to deliver”) leads them to say that the […]

Golf Shoes Joke No. Whatever & Thoughts Of Tiger

You Can’t Read The Word “Golf” Today Without A Tiger Context Well my idea of Tiger re-grouping away from the spotlight seems to have been taken on board… and I didn’t know that he read Golf Shoes Blog! All the talk is about sponsorships as they start to fall away, though his golf shoe sponsor […]

More On The Nike Premium Tour Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Tech&Spec on The New Nike Tour Premium When I saw these new Premium golf shoes the other day, I loved the look and promised to return with some Tech&Spec.  First up is the design ambition which Nike states is the admixture of classic design and old fashioned craftsmanships with “new world performance”.  So […]

Nike Premium Tour Golf Shoe

Is This The Best Looking Golf Shoe By Nike Yet? Whilst I look around for some attributable Golf Shoes Blog spec&tech, just look at these Nike golf shoes. Are they Nike? They look fabulous!  I’ve just re-run through all the Nike golf shoes posts on Golf Shoes Blog and there’s quite a few ugly ones […]

Last Word On Amazon Unfriendly Golf Shoes?

Greenpeace Amazon-Rain-Forest-Destructive Leather (Golf) Shoes Campaign Looks Like A Victory Greenpeace are reporting a victory from the shoe makers (including golf shoes) who were challenged to stop using leather implicated in deforestation.  They say “There’s now a unified front from the shoe companies we challenged over Amazon leather in their supply chains. Timberland, Geox, Nike, […]

Nike Zoom Bandon Golf Shoes or “Golf Boots”?

New Golf Shoes As Part Of Nike’s New All Weather Gear Nike have come out with a new golf shoe/boot as part of a whole range of waterproof gear – whether this is a clever opportunity or  a co-ordinated range I don’t know.  They’re available from this month (Sept 2009) with RRPof £110/€180/$? The new “high […]

Good News From Greenpeace About Leather for Golf Shoes

Nike & Geox Earn Greenie Points for Amazon Leather Policy Golf Shoes Blog had an update from Greenpeace following their campaign about leather in sports shoes (including golf shoes of course).  The original piece is here with a video Golf Shoes Blog Passes on Greenpeace Message. Greenpeace said in their update “When we released our […]

Golf Shoes At The Open

Cink in Nike Air Zoom Golf Shoes and Watson and The Others? While Tom Watson’s sponsor (Adams) enjoyed the most amazing exposure there’s very little or nothing on his golf shoes: I was hoping the shoemakers would come forward with some publicity claiming their boy and their skill in making his special golf shoes.  Meanwhwile Nike […]

And Another Golf Shoes Story Without Pictures

Tiger Woods Autographed Golf Shoes Stolen and Returned – Boring… It’s another story in the electronic press with out a picture of the golf shoes in question.  How frustrating for Golf Shoes Blog which always likes to have a picture to illustrate each piece we write. The story was a bit of a non-story anyway.  […]

The Big Brand Golf Shoe Range

Problems in Finding The Right Golf Shoes Online Is it just me or is it quite difficult to find out exactly what golf shoes makers actually make at any given time? I’m talking about trying to do this on line – where there ought to be a greater access to more golf shoe information than […]