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Luxury Golf Shoes

We’ve Seen These Golf Shoes before – Are There Any Other “Luxury” Golf Shoes? Look back in time and you can see a piece on (£5000) hand made John Lobb golf shoes and there’s a lot ofpeople out there marvelling at them just now. Their angle (the folk who marvel) is what’s the best and most expensive […]

“Where Can I But Michael Toschi Golf Shoes”

All Of A Sudden Golf Shoes Blog Gets A Flood Of Queries ABout These Great Golf Shoes I’ve just had two comments sent in saying what a nice guy Michael Toschi is and how great his golf shoes are.  I agree… well about the golf shoes: I’ve never met him! The person who wrote in had […]

Michael Toschi New G1 Gof Shoes

I’ve Always Liked These Golf Shoes – Now Bargain Price! If you look back at the other posts for Michael Toschi golf shoes here on Golf Shoes Blog, you’ll see how much I’ve always admired them.  I’ve never worn them so it’s only half a judgement – as fit and comfort is so critical - so I can’t […]

Women’s Toschi Golf Shoe – GD Series

I can’t find pictures of the latest women’s golf shoe from Michael Toschi! …but I found a youtube video!  Where are the stills of what I’m sure are fantastic shoes? Press release read… SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Michael Toschi, leading footwear and accessories designer for the luxury market, presents the GD series, his premier collection […]

G4 golf shoe from Michael Toschi

These golf shoes are style personified… … only $550 or so. One day… Mind you I’m not sure what else you’d wear with these really cool shoes and I also wonder how good your golf has to be!  If you wear such stylish (and costly) shoes do you have to play equally smart golf?!

More amazing Michael Toschi golf shoes

Some even more amazing golf shoes from Michael Toschi. The GX I know that we never go into too much detil of the specification (Italian calf and kidskin) but look at the green sole.  It’s the look and the luxury!  And at just $550 or so, who’s asking!

Michael Toschi Golf G3 Golf Shoes

Michael Toschi Golf G3 Golf Shoes Promoters say “these high-end Michael Toschi Golf G3 Golf Shoes are both performance-oriented and hip. Made with RED TERRAGRIP CONTACT outsole technology, Michael Toschi Golf G3 Golf Shoes offer superior flexibility for ultimate ground feel and the most stable, controlled return of kinetic energy in the golf shoe industry. […]