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Win A Pair Of FootJoy MyJoys Golf Shoes

Which Golf Shoes Do You Reckon… For those of you golf shoe fans who don’t get the news updates from FootJoy here’s a chance to [a] win some myJoy golf shoes and [b] get signed up (I think the former Viagra depends on the latter?).  Follow the link on the picture and do your stuff.  […]

Ian Poulter’s Latest Masters Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Blog Is Late With This (But I Was A Volcano Refugee!) My cousin mailed me while I was away, asking if I’d seen the latest Poulter golf shoes… Of course Ian Poulter being what he is, he’s been on Golf Shoes Blog many times with mostly pink shoes but also with his 27 pairs.  […]

LoPro Golf Shoe At LoPrice

Good Looking Golf Shoe At Good Looking Price The FootJoy LoPro Golf Shoe as mentioned on Golf Shoes Blog is on sale at The Discount Golf Store for £49.99 in various sizes in this green and also in red/white. very slick looking golf shoes, though I’ve not worn them. They alsohave other footJoys on sale (inclding […]

FootJoy Sport Golf Shoe

FootJoys For The Younger Market- YoungJoys? As readers may have noticed, I’ve got a bit behind at Golf Shoes Blog recently.  I saved this picture of the range of Footjoy Sports golf shoes and made no notes… Meantime, they look what we used to call “snazzy”.  Obviously styled for the younger more “sporty” golfer, though […]

Ian Poulter Golf Shoes Update… Only 27 New Pairs!

Amazing FooyJoy Custom Golf Shoes On Display: Amazing Golf Shoe Collection… My contacts at FootJoy tell me in respose to my Golf Shoes Blog query (FootJoy Golf Shoes Or Not?) “Ian is most certainly wearing FootJoys! He is pretty much exclusively wearing our new FJ ICON asymmetrical pattern and recently received a large order of custom […]

Poulter Wins Singapore Open In Pink Golf Shoes

I Saw A Couple Of Pictures But Couldn’t Identify The Golf Shoes As a PS to the earlier query about who’s golf shoes Ian Poulter was wearing in Singapore – blow us all down (especially as we had a mini tornado here this week)… he goes and wins it and well bloody done to him! […]

Ian Poulter in FootJoy Golf Shoes or Not?

Golf Shoes Query: Is He Or Isn’t He? Having read that Ian Poulter had seven pairs of golf shoes at the last tournment; I asked the question of why and what. I went to the FootJoy sites to check up and the best that I could find was that he was talking to them last year. […]

Desaturated All Bar The Golf Shoes

Golf Shoe Photo at Flickr I found this from a  “golf Shoes” alert at Flickr by “Ballerina007″ (they always have these special names). The Golf shoes  are Footjoy SynRG golf shoes as seen before.  I’m sure that FootJoy would like this picture as it emphasises the “tri-lateral stability frame”.  (PS I have been corrected by a […]

FootJoy Lopro & Athletic Golf Shoes – Ladies & Mens

Golf Shoes Blog Catches Up With Lopro/Athletic Golf Shoes – Supposed To Be The 8th Best Seller Following the news about the AQL  being the best selling golf shoe in the UK, the same source gave out the other shoes in the top ten in Europe.  Amongst the list was the FootJoy Lopro which has climbed […]

FootJoy AQL Golf Shoes

Did You know What FootJoy’s Best Selling Golf Shoes In Europe Are? Apparently they are the FootJoy AQL golf shoe and to my shame Golf Shoes Blog has only mentioned in passing once!  Information from the European Tour PGA website (released by FootJoy mind) says that FootJoy is indeed the world’s No. 1 golf shoe.  […]