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How Big Do Golf Shoes Go?

Golf Shoes in size 13, 14, 15, 16? I frequently read stories about guys turning up without golf shoes or being in some predicament where they have to find some oversized  golf shoes and it’s always a big problem (literally)! So I thought I’d try and see just how big golf shoes go.  I searched Google for […]

Whatever Happened To These Golf Shoes?

First High Performance No-Cleat/No-Spike Golf Shoe? I haven’t been able to definitively check when these no cleat/spike golf shoes came out (claiming to be the first high performance golf shoe on that basis!) but I think it must have been early 2007 … They’ve had time to introduce a ladies golf shoe in the range…  and then […]

Etonic Spikeless Discount Golf Shoes

Spikeless Velcro & Kiltie Golf Shoes Going Cheap Go direct to, do not pass Go and I’m afraid you won’t collect £200 (or $’s) but you can save about enough to get out of jail free (buy in US for $37-ish or UK for £27-ish).

How do "lite" golf shoes fare?

Lite Golf Shoes vs. “Heavy” Golf Shoes vs. Shoes! Call me old fashioned (as some have been known to do) but I cannot get past these “lite” golf shoes looking like trainers with spikes!  Trainers are really comfortable – that’s what they were made to be – but so were “heavy” golf shoes (just read all the […]

Etonic Powerplay Golf Shoe

Etonic Golf Shoe gets a big digital & technical push! Visit Etonic’s website and see the  Etonic Powerplay golf shoe in all it’s technical and technicolour glory! Big on technical blurb – as follows -  I think the shoe looks pretty good with it’s colourful spikes (“inside-out”?).  The little video is well worth a watch […]

Etonic Golf Shoes supports Golf Retirees

Etonic makers of golf shores and gloves makes further committment to support GRP (Founded in 1997, Golf Retirement Plus is a supplemental retirement program for PGA Professionals and apprentices, GCSAA Superintendents, and CMAA Club Managers, which allows them to make their own contributions or have their employers contribute to their Golf Retirement Plus account on […]