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MGK Magic Golf Shoes Cleaner Review

Golf Shoes Blog Tests Shoe Cleaner As promised (but slovenly delivered), I said that I’d try out the MGK™ magic shoe cleaner and restorer.  They’ve got better pictures on their leaflets and shoemgk website but I wanted to test it myself. So here are my Callaway Hyperbolics (see them new on Golf Shoes Blog) after half […]

Latest Callaway Vela Ladies Golf Shoes In US Only (?)

Golf Shoes Blog had a comment on the last post about the availablity of these shoes… “Fantastic looking shoes,but why oh why can’t we get these on UK websites? What is the point of bring out these new sporty looking shoes if half the world can’t get them? Come on Callaway give us all a […]

Callaway New Age Saddle Golf Shoe

Golf Shoes Exchange Rate: Since When is £1 = $1… These “New Age” shoes on Amazon (see our US Amazon store) are from $50 – or funnily enough they’re £50 upwards at their UK store.  At that exchange rate you’d better buy them in the US. Available in B&W as shown, brown & white as well as all black. I prefer […]

New Year:New Golf Shoes

Happy New Year – Fancy A New Golf Shoe? Firstly belated season’s greetings form Golf Shoes Blog.  I’ve had a bit of a rest from golf shoes and blogging for the season and I’m as rusty at this now as I was in my two rounds of golf  that I played over the season. I […]

Sleek But Spike-Less Lightweight Ladies Golf Shoes

Callaway Vela Women’s Golf Shoes: I Like The Look Of This Golf Shoe… Where did these Callaway Vela Golf Shoes come from all of a sudden!  They’re a lightweight, spikeless design that they say works on or off the course. With soft but strong last construction in full leather and rubber outsole and as said, spike […]

Callaway Chev Golf Shoes for Ladies

Are They The Same Golf Shoe as the Men’s Chev? They certainly don’t look anything like my Chev golf shoes fron Callaway – which are beautiful shoe looking golf shoes.  These look more like the Hyperbolics with the bowling shoe strip down the front – though not identical. I think the name is just a […]

Callaway Ladies Bliss Golf Shoes

Sporty & Sleek Golf Shoes in Red, Sage or Purple Bliss ladies golf shoes from Callaway in a “contemporary” style come with leather uppers and accented topstitched mesh panels (and  “jewelled” logo) in the colour variations. Golf Shoes: Tech & Spec includes… … full leather upper/a padded collar & tongue/breathable mesh lining/cushioned insole/rubber a cleated sole for […]

First Time Out In New Callaway Hyperbolics

New Golf Shoes Did Perfectly In The Rain.  Golf Shoes Review & Rate Review To Follow… Yes I have mentioned and shown the Callaway Hyperbolic golf shoes before on Golf Shoes Blog but I was flippant about their terminology and TLA’s (three letter acronyms) (and to some extent about the name which does lead to punning).  Now […]

Callaway Golf Shoes “Chev” Name Explained…

Golf Shoes Blog Hopes You Didn’t Miss Post on Exotic Chev Golf Shoes In UK… … which ended up being published a few days later than the date (the system behing the blog broke temporarily) so you might have missed it.  (The poor post was never the latest one!) Anyway, following this I’ve got two […]

“Can I Get Callaway Exotic Chev Golf Shoes In The UK?”

Golf Shoes Blog Plays PI For Callaway Authentic Golf Shoes I’ve had an email asking “Hi ,Can you purchase the Callaway Exotic Chev’s in the UK and if so where ?” from Mike, who obviously likes the look of them.  (Who added “Thank you, I enjoy the BLOG, Kind Regards, Mike“  Well thank you too, Mike)  Mike […]