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The Golf Channel Selling Golf Shoes

We All Know The Golf Channel But Did You Know They Sell Golf Shoes? It would be hard to be a golfer who spends much time on the internet and not know the Golf Channel for it’s “Golf news, features and commentary, tournament coverage, statistics and schedules, video clips, television listings and promotions” but how many […]

Crocs Bought Bite Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Didn’t Know That!  Shame… It was back in July 2007 that I should have read the following in the Denver post which seems to be one of the first to beak the news.  But I knew nothing about golf shoes then and less about the golf shoes (or funny rubber shoes) industry.  […]

Slingback Golf Shoes – Whatever Next?

Bite Slingback Golf Shoes Become Clog Golf Shoes The Bite Slingvibe golf shoe is a “slingback” and a “clog” all in one.  It’s based on the Bite Vibe AC golf sneaker but with a twist – or a turn – as the “sling” part comes off and the shoe becomes a clog. It’s also promoted […]

Is The Golf Shoe on The Other Foot a Golf Boot?

Golf Boot Vs. Golf Shoe Yes there are alternatives to golf shoes (and not just the “lite” trainer verions).  There are golf boots!  And why not it seems to make perfect sense!  In weather like we have at this time of the year your “waterproof” shoes do a good job but do your socks!  How […]

Glorious Looking Bite Golf Shoes

Bite Ladies’ McKenna Golf Shoe – that Looks Like a Bowling Shoe! I think this looks fantastic in this colour scheme – although it’s available in other colours which I don’t think show off the looks nearly as well.  In soft leather for comfort and a lightweight design to reduce foot fatigue, with Bite dynamic Fast Twist […]

More from Bite Golf Shoes

A Golf Shoe with Looks that Bite as Well! I thought it might be worth looking a little closer at BITE golf shoes, partly because I think the designs are fun or ballsy (or both?) and partly because I’m intrigued with the orthopaedic claims from the company.  Why don’t we see more of them if they […]

Bite Biosport Golf Shoes – More at Overstock

Less Common Golf Shoe for Less than Common Price Usually around the £80/90 price tag (in the $100 region) these are available now at (again) for £56.74.  These olf shoes are about the top of the Bite range – which some surveys have put at No.1 for comfort… Designed for comfort, with “orthotic friendliness” […]