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Adidas ClimaCool Flylite Golf Shoe

New To Me & Golf Shoes Blog – Too Late To Mention Them In Cold & Damp November? I’m still catching up and getting the old draft news out from months ago… so this isn’t new to you but I like the look of these – at least the ladies styling.  No details mens sexual […]

Paula Creamer Adidas Golf Shoes

Somebody Asked For Pretty Pink Golf Shoes Like Paula’s Before: Can I find their Comment So Many Months (Years?) Later… This is part of the Paula Creamer designed (or inspired by) Signature golf shoe range at Adidas. But when you look to buy from the range, you just see the (boring) ordinary looking ones. And […]

Natalie Gublis’ Adidas Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Designed By Twitter?  Or By Adidas As Usual? Last January Golf Shoes Blog reported that Natalie Gublis was designing a new golf shoe/golf shoe range for Adidias. Please see that New 2010 Shoe By Gulbis post especially if you want to see her in a gold bikini. Now the phrase has become ”Designed collaboratively with […]

More Golf Shoe Boots: This Time From Adidas

Adidas MudRunner Golf Shoes: Makes Sense We’ve seen a few pairs of golf shoes/boots recently. To be honest it makes sense:  However good and water-proof or water-resistant or water-tight your golf shoes are, if you don’t have leather socks on and the grass is longer than two or three inches then you can still get […]

The Paula Creamer Golf Shoes… Brandy You Didn’t Try Too Hard, Did You

Or Do We Think That She Works For Adidas Taylormade Golf Shoe Marketing! I can only assume that these are the golf shoes that Brandy asked about which I found a second after that post.  I’m not going to tell you where I found them except too say it’s an Adidas golf site on the women’s […]

“I really want the pink, black and white adidas golf shoes that Paula Creamer is wearing”

Golf Shoes Blog Hasn’t Seen Those Golf  Shoes… Brandy asked in a comment to Golf Shoes Blog: I have been watching the Lorena Ochoa golf tourney and really want the pink, black and white adidas golf shoes that Paula Creamer is wearing. I love adidas shoes and they are comfy. I want to know if […]

New Adidas Tour 360 4.0 Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes News: Adidas Tour… Number 4.0 Adidas have launched the new Tour 360 golf shoe – no surprise it’s the 4.0 following the 3.0 The presentation on the adidas website is amazingly high tech to reflect what looks like a really high tech golf shoe. The first and foremost feature of the improved golf […]

Ladies Adidas Tour Metal Golf Shoes

Very Sexy Looking Ladies Golf Shoes… These golf shoes(available at Golf Shoes Plus for $79) really look the businessand if you want an extra feminine touch (somewould dispute…) they are also available in pink metal too.  My first thoughts werejust hw attractive a golf shoe there were. Then my thughts were why, surely they’re 360 Tours […]

Last Word On Amazon Unfriendly Golf Shoes?

Greenpeace Amazon-Rain-Forest-Destructive Leather (Golf) Shoes Campaign Looks Like A Victory Greenpeace are reporting a victory from the shoe makers (including golf shoes) who were challenged to stop using leather implicated in deforestation.  They say “There’s now a unified front from the shoe companies we challenged over Amazon leather in their supply chains. Timberland, Geox, Nike, […]

Adidas Balance Mod Golf Shoe: Golf Shoes For Mods Or Rockers?

Is This “Balance Mod” Golf Shoe New Or Just New To Me? Having just seen these golf shoes for the first time, I’m wondering if I’m doing my job properly – am I missing new golf shoes when they come out or are these quite new?  I’ve never seen them before or even heard of […]