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Nike FREE-Inspired TW 13 Shoes

Nike Golf Claims Another Redefinition of Golf Shoes… Please excuse the slight cynicism below… in fact the reason I chose to  show these shoes is becasue I liked the image here on the left. Makes a refreshing change… Nike’s new golf shoes (in “relentless pursuit of innovation continues to deliver”) leads them to say that the […]

New 2012 True Linkswear golf shoes

Golf Shoes Blog comments rallying the faithful… Also in my absence I’ve got about 200 comments which have accumulated in the golf shoes blog inbox, of which most are believe it or not genuine. (See elsewhere for my comments on spam comments, where I’m sorry if I use expletives.) Many are from makers and manufacturers […]

Win A Pair Of FootJoy MyJoys Golf Shoes

Which Golf Shoes Do You Reckon… For those of you golf shoe fans who don’t get the news updates from FootJoy here’s a chance to [a] win some myJoy golf shoes and [b] get signed up (I think the former Viagra depends on the latter?).  Follow the link on the picture and do your stuff.  […]

ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes Are Worth Noting!

But Use Up Too Many Capital Letters!  Why Do ECCO Do That? Great looking golf shoes!  Just thought that I’d note them (and picture them) even if I haven’t had time to study properly… Available in this green, silver, black and brown/orange – though I could swear that I saw these golf shoes in purple too.  […]

ECCO 109 Golf Shoe- More Info Needed

Here’s Another Golf Shoe Kindness To ECCO From Golf Shoes Blog I’m still reeling from the unkindness of ECCO in not sending me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes last year.  I’m still sore 12 months on… But I like the look of these golf shoes ~ what ECCO call their “most exclusive offering, […]

More From TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes…

… remember the Ryan Moore connection… Do you remember that we talked about Ryan Moore quite a lot on Golf Shoes Blog ~ at first for being “unbranded” and then for rather cleverly throwing in his lot with makers in which he got a share of the whole kaboodle.  Clever boy…  Then I also wrote about the TRUE […]

Adidas ClimaCool Flylite Golf Shoe

New To Me & Golf Shoes Blog – Too Late To Mention Them In Cold & Damp November? I’m still catching up and getting the old draft news out from months ago… so this isn’t new to you but I like the look of these – at least the ladies styling.  No details mens sexual […]

What Are ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes?

ECCO Golf Shoes Add Golfer Jennifer Johnson I only write this because I’m intrigued about what BIOM golf shoes are… I’m miffed at ECCO because they send me all their puff and when I asked if they could send me a pair of their ladies’ golf shoes for my wife (so I could write great things about them […]

Tricky Dicky Golf Shoes

Wouldn’t Walter Hagen Be Turning in His Golf Shoes… Golf Shoes Blog received this note and if it’s genuine, it’s terrible!* “I bought a pair of walter hagen golf shoes in Sept. last year I have only worn a about 12 times and the whole sole has come unglued I took them back to Dicks […]

Paula Creamer Adidas Golf Shoes

Somebody Asked For Pretty Pink Golf Shoes Like Paula’s Before: Can I find their Comment So Many Months (Years?) Later… This is part of the Paula Creamer designed (or inspired by) Signature golf shoe range at Adidas. But when you look to buy from the range, you just see the (boring) ordinary looking ones. And […]