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New 2012 True Linkswear golf shoes

Golf Shoes Blog comments rallying the faithful… Also in my absence I’ve got about 200 comments which have accumulated in the golf shoes blog inbox, of which most are believe it or not genuine. (See elsewhere for my comments on spam comments, where I’m sorry if I use expletives.) Many are from makers and manufacturers […]

Pescador Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes Blog To Test New Carbon Fibre Soles From Pescador Golf Shoes… Maybe Another curious email from Joan at Pescador – who make dress shoes and golf shoes – as seen before on Golf Shoes Blog. This time the message may be asking me to test their new golf shoes… I think because I […]

Who And What Are Parker McClain Golf Shoes?

Golf Shoes Blog Gets No New News… A recent comment received by Golf Shoes Blog read “I love the Parker McClain golf shoes, but can not find any where to buy them. Please advise. The web site shows all of the shoes but no place to buy them”. Well I’m afraid that I can’t […]

Raddon Golf Shoes: Are They Shandals?

One Pair Of Golf Shoes: Two Choices of Golf Shoe Studs Take your pick…Champ Stinger Studs or Champ Litewate studs – both on the pink & red “Shandals”.  Actually I’m not sure what the actual name is of the golf shoes.  If you look at the ad that Alan published as seen on Golf Shoes […]

More New And Unusual Golf Shoes

It’s The Twelve Spike Factor Again These rather wittily named PRO PGP05v0912R CUSTOM golf shoes are in fact called  Pro Vader – after Darth?  To be honest I don’t know what’s going on here… I had a pleasant comment  from Joan from Pescador Tailored Shoes, telling me about their golf shoes.  They make dress and golf […]

12 Spike Golf Shoe – Like Ben Hogan

Parker Mcclain Golf Shoes Gets In Touch We received a comment recently on the Ben Hogan extra spike piece on Golf Shoes Blog stating ” I just found the article about the 12 spikes very interesting as I am the only golf shoe manufacturer making a fine leather welted golf shoe with the 12th spike […]

William Hunt Golf Shoes Including Slippers

Saville Row Or Chalk Farm Designer These golf shoes come from William Hunt, English designer, subtitled “Saville Row” but resident in Chalk farm, NW London (At least the on-line shop is).  SoI don’t know as I don’t shop in Saville Row. The Only Golf Slip On? Anyway they have three styles of golf shoes: Arnie with […]

Dutch Duiv Shoes – Golf Made To Measure

Great Looking Shoes – But Less So The Golf Shoes… Maybe this guy will make you one of his other great looking shoes into a golf shoe if you prefer and he does makes great looking shoes. It’s just a shame that the golf shoe is a bit less pointy and attractive than just about […]

Botticelli Golf Shoe On Line Soon…

People Have Been Searching For Botticelli Golf Shoes Already… Way back in December ’08 we made mention of Botticelli golf shoes.  And since then we’ve heard very little about their on-line activities. I had an email from them months ago entertining a new retail site in late November 2009: Well it is to all intents […]

Equipt Golf Shoes For Ladies Only

Wonderful Looking Golf Shoes With Some Wonderful Spiel To Boot I was alerted to these fantastic looking ladies’ golf shoes by an email from the founder of the company, Annie Jaroszewicz.  I’m sure she didn’t actually send it herself but it’s a nice touch. The whole genus of these shoes is that they are golf […]