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Wide Shoes Fit goes to Extra Extra wide at 6E golf shoes What we are interested in, here at Golf Shoes Blog, is of course golf shoes. But I’ve been talking to the man at Wide Shoes Fit store/online sales where they sell all kinds of shoes for men and women in sizes up to […]

More Wide Golf Shoes At Wide Fit Site

Hard To Find Golf Shoes: Extra Wide Formen & Women Golf Shoes Blog mentioned this site yesterday when begged for help by someone who could not find extra wide golf shoes.  This was for a ladies’ golf shoe in size 6 in triple EEE fitting.  But they do men’s golf shoes too and some we […]

Really Wide Golf Shoes For Ladies???

Golf Shoes Blog Begged For Extra Wide Golf Shoe Help Marpessa writes… “Help!! No one has extra wide(E-EE) golf shoes in a Ladies size 6!!! Why not??”  (GSB: I’m not sur if E-EE is different to EEE).  She continues “I am sure there are others in my, NOT SIZED MEDIUM, boat!!!  How can I improve […]

Tauer & Johnson Golf Shoes

Made to Order Golf Shoes – Wide Fittings Too   I’ve just stumbled across this maker of shoes – including golf shoes – based in Illinois USA.  They have 8 styles of golf shoes - two styles seen here – from which to choose.  And as it seems such a great concern to many tinternet surfers (where […]

Still Looking For Extra Big, Extra Wide Golf Shoes?

More Queries On Extra Wide and large Golf Shoes I’m still getting comments coming in on oversized golf shoes and I thought that we’d covered this.  My fault I’m sure for not making all the BIG golf shoes posts together in one place (tomorrow I’ll have to do that). Meanwhile I can only refer the men […]

Callaway Golf Shoes: Now Boasting Size 18!

More Golf Shoes Blog News For The Big Footed… Golf Shoes Blog is always interested in the bigger golf shoe: It seems to be a problem for a lot of our big-footed friends and they spend a fair amount of time on the look-out for the bigger golf shoe.  We have looked at the topic […]


And Extra Size Golf Shoes Up to Size 15 Aha!  Aha! Found them… Following some comments (see this post & this post asking where you can buy big and wide golf shoes… Go to Wide Shoes for both big and wide.  These New Balance golf shoes, above left are in the asked-for size of 15EEEE but […]

How Big Do Golf Shoes Go?

Golf Shoes in size 13, 14, 15, 16? I frequently read stories about guys turning up without golf shoes or being in some predicament where they have to find some oversized  golf shoes and it’s always a big problem (literally)! So I thought I’d try and see just how big golf shoes go.  I searched Google for […]