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Golf shoes? – what do you know about golf shoes?

Well, I know a lot more about golf shoes than when I started on this blog adventure. As I try to tell people, everything is interesting when you get stuck in. Some of you reading this may now be golf addicts when years ago you thought the game ridiculous. Some of you may still think the same now! It’s whatever gets you going and golf shoes have got me going. I’m learning too and I’m finding out and this blog will help me and readers through some of the key golf shoes questions. They are not the most important questions in life but every little helps…

Do I play golf? Yes. Do I play well? No.

Do I have special golf shoes?

SEPT 08: Yes – old white ones with cracks and leaks that would be ashamed to be in any category of this blog with the exception of “who’s shoes” – where any shoe will do!. Those are my golf shoes at the moment. Maybe I’ll be taking some advice and get some new ones soon…

APR 09: Stuburt Hidro Pro as sent to me by a kind man at Stuburt but he didn’t believe me that the above were my bets golf shoes at this time!

May 09: Will be wearing Callaway XTT Comps which are new favourites.  But we’ll see.  Check Golf Shoes Blog Reviews

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Happy Golf!  Happy Golf shoes!

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