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Wide Shoes Fit goes to Extra Extra wide at 6E golf shoes

extra wide golf shoes. ex wide fit shoes

What we are interested in, here at Golf Shoes Blog, is of course golf shoes. But I’ve been talking to the man at Wide Shoes Fit store/online sales where they sell all kinds of shoes for men and women in sizes up to enormous!  That includes workboots, wellingtons, wedding shoes and the rest. And the prices are keen too, by the looks of things.

Now if you’re interested in wide golf shoes, I guess you’ll be interested in all your shoes being wide so you can look at the whole site… Enjoy – but let’s not see too many pairs of wedding shoes (ladies) on the course being modelled (by you gents).

…Meanwhile, they have four styles of wide golf shoes for men (some to 2E or 4E and one monster at 6E) and one style for ladies (up to 4E). Prices range from £64.99 to £249.99 for men’s golf shoes and £119.99 for the ladies golf shoes. Brands include HiTec, Footjoy, Bio Sport and the monsters are by Reed. They’re the most but I guess that at 6E your options are not vast. And you’re not paying a lot more than you’d  pay for some golf shoes – though not most economy models. The 6E wide golf shoes go up to size 13 so they cater for the big footed generally.

The cost of extra wide golf shoes

I’d like one of you out there to let me know how you feel about paying what is sometimes the regular price and sometimes a higher price for your wide or extra long shoes – golf shoes or not. If your shoes are that big then the makers are not making as many (and may not even be able to use the same templates, I guess) and therefore economies (or dis-economies of scale) come into it. Is that acceptable? I get a lot of comments on wide golf shoes, so I’m interested in any views.


Why Spikes… Review

An email Golf Shoes Blog recieved…

“Just stumbled on an article from 2009 asking why FootJoy produce a spikeless shoe, and why not therefore just go for trainers etc.? Couldn’t resist a reply since the answer is so simple, and I happen to have exactly the same shoes!

They are not designed to wear for playing out on the course. They are for pros who who hang around the driving range / clubhouse / pro-shop all day and maybe go out on the course or practice area with a student and just hit one or two demonstration shots. They are actually sometimes called teaching shoes.

They give a good grip on driving range mats, so can also be worn by the keen practiser Generic Cialis from house to car to range etc. without needing to change shoes at the range. The tend to have the same features as “proper” golf shoes – comfortable and light but strong, waterproof etc., and whatever special features/technology  that brand’s “proper” golf shoes tend to have.

Because they look like “proper” golf shoes in every detail except the sole, they go well with golf attire for the style-conscious pro who does not want to wear the latest golf gear he is flogging along with a pair of trainers (usually banned in clubhouses in the UK, at least).

Just surprised someone running a golf shoe site was not aware of that! (Not meant offensively…)


PS From Golf Shoes Blog: No offence taken.

Nike FREE-Inspired TW 13 Shoes

Nike Golf Claims Another Redefinition of Golf Shoes…

Nike free golf shoes

“Free” but not free

Please excuse the slight cynicism below… in fact the reason I chose to  show these shoes is becasue I liked the image here on the left. Makes a refreshing change…

Nike’s new golf shoes (in “relentless pursuit of innovation continues to deliver”) leads them to say that the technology makes golfers better and that “Proof positive” is the new Nike TW ‘13, inspired by Nike FREE technology. Tiger Woods debuted the prototype golf shoes on Tour last summer and the Nike shoes were available available from June 2012.

The idea is that you get the same performance (fit & feel) as running shoes.  That suggestion started the collaboration between Toger Woods, Nike Golf’s footwear  team and Nike’s “Innovation Kitchen”, led by Tobie Hatfield.  The result is what Nike call an iconic shoe with their “natural motion” engineered outsole, inspired by Buy Levitra Nike FREE technology from their running shoes.

Tiger says “Now my feet are stronger and I feel more athletic…These shoes provide freedom of movement and allow me to release more power through my swing.”

How many golf shoe spikes?

What I noticed immediately is the number of spikes – 6 in fact. In a sort of parallel run of pairs which isn’t what you normally see on the bottom of a golf shoe.

Nike Free-Inspired TW'13 beautyAll the other usual claims (unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio/one-to-one fitted support/Flywire-infused nylon straps/extend 360° from the footbed to the lacing system/adaptive fit/golfers stability etc etc) are made by the Nike press release about these golf shoes – plus “multidirectional stretch synthetic”.  Any one have experience of them?

Now the last bit… and although free comes into the name they certainly aren’t!  MSRP:  $220    MAP/Street:  $180. Available in white as shown or black – which just look like old trainers to me…

New 2012 True Linkswear golf shoes

Golf Shoes Blog comments rallying the faithful…

Also in my absence I’ve got about 200 comments which have accumulated in the golf shoes blog inbox, of which most are believe it or not genuine. (See elsewhere for my comments on spam comments, where I’m sorry if I use expletives.) Many are from makers and manufacturers and supporters (the faithful, whether paid or not). Some are from True Linkswear and I have posted this on the relavant post – though I disagree about what Ryan was wearing at the time…

Anyway that lead me to look Buy Kamagra at the latest offering on their website and again I like what I saw. My wife’ chasing me to go out (Friday evening) so I won’t go into detail now but offer you a picture from their site of one style of which they must be proud, featuring in their banner heading. Smart and attractive and the thrust is that they’re comfortable too. I must ask for a pair to test ride. If you’re there… please get in touch. Otherwise watch out or an email…

Wouldn’t you like an official approval from GSB…?

OK I admit it. I got bored with golf shoes…

… not that golf shoes are boring… but…

I’ve just seen the date of the last post and to be fair it wasn’t a good one to leave up there for over a year as this is a blog about golf shoes and that was about a book, albeit about golf. nevermind, I think it’s time I returned to the fold. I’ve just seen an article on another blog about Crocs new golf shoes and I like them.. They look good; they look different; and they look like they should be on a golf shoes blog. So I’ll get back to that one. meantime at least I’ve had my interest in golf shoes re-lit.

What else is out there that’s new & exciting? I hope enough to keep me writing.

You know in a funny way though I put down my pen/keyboard (?!)  for a while… I kind of missed golf shoes. Not many peopel can (or do say that). And don’t ask why I stopped. I have before and I may again. I do need new and interesting tough to keep me going…

Here’s to some new golf shoes and golf shoes reviews…

Golf Humour Bobby Rush Style…

It’s Not Golf Shoes But I Promised To Return To You After A Comprehensive Read (and chuckle)..

golf shoes blog review of when to regrip your retrieverA fortnight ago, Golf Shoes Blog had just received the two books from Bobby Rusher – “How to line up your fourth putt” and “When to regrip your ball retriever” and after my initial chuckles, I said that I would return with some more comment…

Well I’ve now read both cover to cover and they are worth it, when you have the time.  Though I have to say that the chapter headings remain amongst the funniest bits.  Maybe this time round my favourite was “What to do when your ball retriever is too short to get your putter out of the tree”.  Note; putter!

I did also like the gist of the foreword (pun intended of course) (no pun intended), to wit, that the “ball goes where you hit it”.  I’m not sure if that’s funny, true, sad or just stating the obvious.  I guess that it depends on when you say it…  I’m going to Viagra Online try it on the course next time.

I was also sent some comments and reviews by the great and good.  The trouble is that none are spoofs.  You can see the reviews on their website: Click on the book image to check them.

If you’re reading this Bobby, my review would go like this:

Golf Shoes Blog said: First of all Mr Rusher, I abhor the tennet of your thinking that golf is a game to be won – at all, let alone at any cost!  Fancy instructing others in even the possibility that gentlemen on the course would ever consider some of the tactics that you suggest.  Secondly, I cannot stand the thought that you think golf is a game to be laughed at – or golfers themselves.  It’s like mocking the afflicted.  Or taking the mickey out  of an institutionalised addict. Thirdly, how can you possibly write a whole book on the game and not even mention golf shoes.  This in itself damns your book and all it’s so-called humor”

Win A Pair Of FootJoy MyJoys Golf Shoes

footjoy golf shoes unique design contestWhich Golf Shoes Do You Reckon…

For those of you golf shoe fans who don’t get the news updates from FootJoy here’s a chance to [a] win some myJoy golf shoes and [b] get signed up (I think the former Viagra depends on the latter?).  Follow the link on the picture and do your stuff.  For my part I think that the best looking golf shoes in the contest choices is the smaller picture – style 4 – mjoys style 4 golf shoesthough not the most unique…

Golf Shoes Blog Review: “How To Line Up Your Fourth Putt”

It’s Not Golf Shoes But It’s Funny: Golf Humour/Humor

golf shoes blog review of how to line up your fourth_puttAfter a long correspondence about whether I’d have a look at these books (I always said yes, but they never arrived) they did finally land on Golf Shoes Blog’s doorstep just before Christmas.  I thought it was a Christmas present – which it was in a way.  Two books and a cd – all available from  I guess they would have ideally got them to me earlier so that anyone who read this (and a more detailed review to follow) might have got on the net and bought one (or two) for a Christmas present for the golfer in their life.  They would be great present and now we’ve missed Xmas, then maybe for father’s day or a birthday.

As alluded to,  I will return to them in some more detail – but in the meantime let me say that the chapter titles made me chuckle staight out – like the titles of the books themselves.  By author Bobby Rusher, the original book is “How To Line Up Your Fourth Cialis Online Putt” and the sequel “When To Regrip Your Ball Retriever”. Chapter titles such as “How to hit a Dunlop 2 from the rough on your second shot, when you hit a Titleist 2 from the tee” and “How to get more distance off the shank” tell you much of the wit and off-fairway humour of the books.

There is more than the just the chapter names but the same vein is mined often throughout… such as the opener for the chapter “When to chip from the tee” with the opener being 1. When you already lie 6 on that tee or 3. To get back to the fairway – when you’re on another tee by some odd chance!

One other vein quickly visible thoughout is the wittily wicked gamesmanship (cheating?) which ranges from loudly cleaning your ball to a wollop with a 9-iron to the solar plexus.

If only the humour in the books were more evident on the course at the time when it’s most needed.  It’s definitely an antidote…

More soon when I’ve finished…

Golf Shoes Reviews 2011

Can We Get More Golf Shoe Reviews Done In 2011?

Some of you golf shoes fans (or shoppers or searchers) and there are thousands and thousands of you each month (though less last month… because of my negligence recently) may have noticed that my attention and diligence on the golf hormone hgh shoes front has been a bit below par recently!

Well happy new year to you all … which always comes along with good intentions (like the paving on the road to hell).  My intention  is to keep Golf Shoes Blog up to date in 2011 with all the new golf shoes.  Let’s see…

ECCO BIOM Golf Shoes Are Worth Noting!

But Use Up Too Many Capital Letters!  Why Do ECCO Do That?

ecco biom golf shoesGreat looking golf shoes!  Just thought that I’d note them (and picture them) even if I haven’t had time to study properly…

Available in this green, silver, black and brown/orange – though I could swear that I saw these golf shoes in purple too.  Mind, they look good but they electronic cigarette demo have running shoes which look better – but they won’t do the golf bit!

What they say about these golf shoes… SMARTER, MORE COMFORTABLE LEATHER… Through a special “tanned-in” process, we enhance natural leather to create our unique Hydromax leather. This ensures our shoes remain soft and breathable, and your feet stay dry, even after repeated exposure to wet conditions.